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'The Wolverine' − Hugh Jackman Sees More Of Jean Grey & The Silver Samurai In New Trailer

After the initial trailers for The Wolverine depicted our favorite stogie-smoking X-Man in a vulnerable state, his adamantium blades are singing once more. This CinemaCon clip features Hugh Jackman's character battling a barrage of baddies, including the fierce-looking Silver Samurai, and taking on some heavy arrow damage. Not everyone wants him dead though. In between relieving his rivals of their extremities, the trailer also indicates Wolvie finds time for romance.

There's even more footage of him and Jean Grey looking loved up around the 27-second mark, although the gauzy quality of scene suggests a flashback or dream sequence.

The Claws Are Out

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X Ex: Jean Grey Makes Cameo In Six-Second 'Tweaser' For 'The Wolverine'

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WATCH: Shot-For-Shot 'Iron Man 3' Parody Kicks Shiny Metal Ass

From Thailand, by way of the website Kotaku, comes this Sweded shot-for-shot remake of the Iron Man 3 trailer that , frankly would have made Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind a better movie. My favorite scenes are the one in which the Tony Stark stand-in gets a toilet plunger for an oxygen mask in the operating room,  the falling Air Force One flight attendants and the shots of Stark's iron army assembling in the night sky. more »

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'Aftershock' Red-Band Trailer: A Body Count

The deaths keep coming in the red-band trailer for Eli Roth's earthquake gorefest Aftershock. I count seven distinct deaths in this clip, which is just shy of two minutes, but with all the lootin' and a stabbin' going on in the background,  I'm  clearly being conservative. Roth gets to preside over his own frightfest, too. He's front and center in this video as Gringo, a sensitive-sounding guy who just wants to meet a nice girl at an underground Chilean disco. Alas, as the old Nazareth song goes, "Love Hurts."  more »

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WATCH: 'Iron Man 3' − A Closer Look At Shellhead's Dramatic Air Rescue Sequence

My palms get sweaty just watching this extended clip of what I hear is one of the most riveting sequences in Iron Man 3. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has to suit up in a jiff and attempt to save 13 flailing, screaming people who've been sucked out of what looks like a crippled Air Force One. (If that's the case, it will be the first of two times the Presidential airliner gets blowed up this summer season.  The trailer for Roland Emmerich's White House Down shows the plane's wing being blown off.  more »

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WATCH: 'The Great Gatsby' Trailer & Photos − There Will Be Brooding, Too

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the Baz Luhrmann's trailer for The Great Gatsby contained ample scenes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Jason Clarke screaming. Now, after sifting through more than 50 photos from the movie that Warner Bros. has released into the blogosphere and watching an exclusive trailer that the UK's Daily Mail has posted, I can also tell you that, amid all the Art Deco opulence and Roaring Twenties hedonism, there will be plenty of brooding, too. There must be a lot to think about.  more »

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'Silver Linings Playbook': Alternate Ending Includes Jacki Weaver's Braciole Recipe

An eight-minute alternate ending to David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook has landed on the Internets, and though it wraps up things a little too neatly (with virtually all of the main characters), it's fun to watch.  It also yields a quick-and-dirty recipe for braciole, those seasoned skirt-steak roll-ups that Jacki Weaver always seems to be making in the movie.   more »

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INTERVIEW: Zac Efron & Dennis Quaid Stick With Independent Film 'At Any Price'

The studios want him, but, these, days Zac Efron only has eyes for indie film.  After making a splash at the New York Film Festival with The Paperboy last fall, Efron is back in the Big Apple, at the Tribeca Film Festival, with At Any Price.  What's the deal? more »

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INTERVIEW: Ethan Hawke & Richard Linklater Discuss 'Before Midnight' At Tribeca Film Festival

"I've been acting since I was 13 years old, so I love playing around with different genres of movies...It keeps my profession fresh for me," Ethan Hawke told me on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival.

more »

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WATCH: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Japanese Trailer − Does Spock Die In The Volcano?

If you simply must Hoover up any new footage of Star Trek Into Darkness footage that's out there, then have a look at this Japanese trailer.  There are a few new morsels to be found in the footage, including a shot of Spock in the volcano looking perilously close to becoming one with the magma churning around him.   more »

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WATCH: More Proof That Joseph Gordon-Levitt Would Be Great In 'Guys And Dolls'

I'm not as jazzed as everyone else seems to be about Deadline's report that 20th Century Fox is developing a remake of Guys and Dolls.  It was a great movie, but unless it gets a serious update in the writing department, I think it's too broad and antiquated to connect with contemporary audiences on a mass level. On the other hand, I totally agree that if the movie's going to have a serious shot at making it, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are about the best casting choices the studio could make.  (I'm expecting to hear Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway's names added to the mix any minute now, too. more »

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'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer − Things Look Bad For Natalie Portman

As you may recall, I'm not a big Thor fan. It's the costume.  Still, I consider it my duty as a Marvel Comics fan to bring you this trailer from Thor: The Dark World which hits U.S. theaters on  Nov. 8.  The action isn't quite as exciting as the slam-bang stuff that happens in the Iron Man 3 trailers, but it sure does look like Thor's Earth-bound lady love Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) ends up in a heap o' danger when the superhero takes her on what looks like an impromptu journey to Asgard and, perhaps, doesn't guard her ass enough. more »

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General Zod's Greek Freak-Out − Michael Shannon Reads The Delta Gamma Sorority Email

You may have read Rebecca Martinson's batshit letter to her Delta Gamma sorority sisters at the University of Maryland, but you haven't experienced the full mind-blowing vitriol of this remarkable document until General Zod performs it for you.  This exclusive Funny or Die clip of Man of Steel star Michael Shannon, who plays Superman's Kryptonian rival, has just surpassed "Bat Fight" to become my favorite FOD video thanks to Shannon's impeccable comic timing and delivery. more »

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WATCH: 'Man Of Tai Chi' Trailer − Keanu Reeves Is The One Who Directs

Here's a glimpse of Keanu Reeves' directorial debut, and, is it me, or does Reeves look a little sweaty in the final shot? It's just one of the off-putting moments in this Man of Tai Chi trailer. The bare bones of a plot are revealed via Reeves odd voiceover: to take a "pure-hearted, good natured man of Tai Chi and turn him into a killer," he says, before adopting the cadence (but thankfully not those long-drawn-out  'r' sounds) of Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin and concluding. "Let. The Games...Begin."  Dra. Ma. Tic! more »

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INTERVIEW: Rob Zombie Says 'The Lords of Salem' Is 'Pretty Out There' But 'The Walking Dead' Is Not

What horror fan doesn't watch The Walking Dead?  Musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie jokes it's because he needs to catch up on Cheers first, but the reality is he's a horror purist who takes the genre very seriously.  That dedication led to Bob Weinstein handpicking him to relaunch the Halloween franchise back in 2007, and Paranormal Activity and Insidious producers Jason Blum and Oren Peli seeking out Zombie to direct an original horror flick. more »

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[WATCH] Harrison Ford Will See That 'Wookiee Sack of S#@!' Chewbacca "In Hell!"

Harrison Ford may look grumpy as hell, but the man has a fine-tuned sense of humor. Once again, the 42 actor has some fun with his Star Wars wingWookiee Chewbacca on  Jimmy Kimmel Live.  I was hoping that this time Ford would be furious at Chewy for roping him into celebrating Life Day on the much-maligned Star Wars Holiday Specialbut Kimmel's writers stuck to the running joke that the Wookiee had an affair with Ford's wife.  more »