WATCH: 'The Great Gatsby' Trailer & Photos − There Will Be Brooding, Too

The Great Gatsby

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the Baz Luhrmann's trailer for The Great Gatsby contained ample scenes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Jason Clarke screaming. Now, after sifting through more than 50 photos from the movie that Warner Bros. has released into the blogosphere and watching an exclusive trailer that the UK's Daily Mail has posted, I can also tell you that, amid all the Art Deco opulence and Roaring Twenties hedonism, there will be plenty of brooding, too. There must be a lot to think about. 

Check out this romantic (and thoughtful!) trailer first then ponder the photos.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

THE GREAT GATSBY Gatsby 5 Gatsby 6 Gatsby 7 Gatsby 8 Gatsby 9 Gatsby 10 Gatsby 11 THE GREAT GATSBY Gatsby 13 Gatsby 14 www.Gatsby 15 Gatsby 16 Gatsby 17 Gatsby 18 Gatsby 19 Gatsby 20 Gatsby 21 Gatsby 22Gatsby 24 THE GREAT GATSBY The Great Gatsby

Gatsby 23

One more thing: Conan O'Brien should have Joel Edgerton on his show and do a skit where they both play Tom Buchanan.

The Great Gatsby

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WATCH: 'The Great Gatsby' Trailer: There Will Be Screaming

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  • lee says:

    What a brood - except Toby, who can't step out of his ubiquitous goofy mode. He still thinks it's Spiderman ...

  • R.H. Broili says:

    Gee, J. Edgar meets Spiderman! What a great cast.

  • I thought the film was staggeringly good - a feast. I'm an English teacher and I've read the book a few times and taught it: I don't go to the cinema in search of a novel. Those who protest that it isn't sufficiently faithful to the book, should just read the book rather than watch the film. As with his Romeo and Juliet, Luhrman provides a highly intelligent, visually and aurally thrilling fantasia on the theme.