INTERVIEW: Zac Efron & Dennis Quaid Stick With Independent Film 'At Any Price'

Zac Efron At Any Price

The studios want him, but, these, days Zac Efron only has eyes for indie film.  After making a splash at the New York Film Festival with The Paperboy last fall, Efron is back in the Big Apple, at the Tribeca Film Festival, with At Any Price.  What's the deal?

"Y'know, Dennis [Quaid] says that the only rule he sort of had for himself in his career is to do as many different types of movies as possible, and never stop stretching and trying something new," Efron told when I talked to him about the project.

I also talked to Quaid who said that he and At Any Price director Ramin Bahrani drew inspiration from Arthur Miller's classic play: Death of a Salesman.

"We talked about Death of a Salesman and the Willy Loman character a lot...[my character] is a man who's really trying to do the best for his family but he's corrupted himself in the process," the actor told me.

The buzz on At Any Price is that Efron will get you into the theater, but you'll leave it talking about Quaid.

Check out my full in-depth interview below:

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