[WATCH] Harrison Ford Will See That 'Wookiee Sack of S#@!' Chewbacca "In Hell!"

Harrison Ford Chewbacca

Harrison Ford may look grumpy as hell, but the man has a fine-tuned sense of humor. Once again, the 42 actor has some fun with his Star Wars wingWookiee Chewbacca on  Jimmy Kimmel Live.  I was hoping that this time Ford would be furious at Chewy for roping him into celebrating Life Day on the much-maligned Star Wars Holiday Specialbut Kimmel's writers stuck to the running joke that the Wookiee had an affair with Ford's wife. 

The costumed geeks having to ask non-Star Wars questions is a lovely touch, too.  Here's the clip:

Chewing Up Chewy

And this is what happened the last time Ford appeared on the show.  The Cowboys & Aliens lines are particularly funny in retrospect given the movie's dismal box-office performance.

Daniel Craig Is My Wookiee Bitch Now!

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