WATCH: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Japanese Trailer − Does Spock Die In The Volcano?

Spock Star Trek Into Darkness

If you simply must Hoover up any new footage of Star Trek Into Darkness footage that's out there, then have a look at this Japanese trailer.  There are a few new morsels to be found in the footage, including a shot of Spock in the volcano looking perilously close to becoming one with the magma churning around him.  

There's also a scene of Peter Weller's character, Admiral Marcus, telling someone to "run this bastard down."  Presumably, he's talking about Benedict Cumberbatch's mayhem-causing character John Harrison, who's getting high marks for his performance in early reviews of the J.J. Abrams-directed movie.  Here's what Lucy O'Brien wrote on IGN:

"Cumberbatch himself has never been better. While he's proven his ability at volatile emotional-detachment with his role in Sherlock, he is, here, a true snake; an expressionless, sliver of a man whose mask only slips when he lunges for his prey. The Enterprise crew look trivial against him, their uniforms retro and goofy against his men's magazine sleekness. Even Spock, quite the regal figure, looks small next to him."

Nice description, although in this clip, Spock doesn't look small. He looks very, very hot:

I'm not too worried about him though given this photo, which surfaced a few weeks ago:

New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Photo: Cold Chillin' With Mr. Spock?

What do you think?

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  • anonymous says:

    Well, thanks guys!

    I accept that if I want to avoid spoilers, I have to elect to avoid trailers. But it's really not an option for most of us to avoid our email.

    So maybe you could be a little more considerate, with how you handle spoilers in future article headings.

    I doubt JJ Abrams is going to let major spoilers sneak in to any of the trailers, no matter which territory they're aimed at. But please try to be a little less sensationalist with your headlines.

    I already know that I want to see this movie - I don't need to know how it ends, before I've even bought the ticket.


  • Frank DiGiacomo says:

    There are no spoilers. Just questions.

    • anonymous says:

      Right, so if I sent you an email titled

      "Does Han Solo get frozen in Carbonite?"

      just prior to Empire Strikes back being released, you wouldn't feel a little cheesed? Especially if you'd been avoiding trailers etc?

      You wouldn't go in to that movie thinking, I now know at some point that Han Solo is going to get in to a situation, where the probable outcome is that he'll get frozen in Carbonite, especially if the set / environment allows for that possibility?

      It may not be the major plot development / twist that the story has to offer, but it's no doubt significant.

      You're happy that I could send you an email (yeah I know that wasn't likely in 1980) with a spoilerific title like that, and you'd be happy for me to publish an image like this :

      saying "Is that Han Solo, frozen in a block? It sure looks like him. And who's the mystery guy leaning over him? It looks like Solo gets captured by Vader, who space-mummifies his ass!"

      And you'd still feel, "There are no spoilers. Just questions."?

  • Dorothy says:

    all these been awaited ones and it finds a perfect short of culture right among the movie and teens are basically expecting it to be more aggressive and interacting too.

  • gyor_bugs says:

    This Film is so trending Like Ironman. i like this movie so considerably. when i'm 13 years of age i view all stars strek motion picture until finally the film still up.. Excellent Task

  • arsenal6 says:

    If spock does dies it only proves one thing about STar trek Fans.......
    Rehash of old stuff and revenge theme .......

    Can you trek fans progress out from the revenge theme ?

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