Don't Just Talk Turkey! 15 Movie Topics To Argue Over This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Movies

Feeling that pre-Thanksgiving agita?  I know, it's not the food. It's the thought of heaping helpings of stilted conversation about the presidential election and Wal-Mart's Black Friday strike.  Well, you can thank me now or later, but I've got you covered.  Back for a return holiday engagement is Movieline's gluten- and Trans fat-free turkey day conversation helper: 15 film-related topics that will insure that Grandpa never gets to his "Mitt Romney is the devil, but he's my devil" monologue.  

1. Will the Twilight Saga have the cultural longevity of Star Wars?

2. If Adam Sandler's best performance since Funny People is Hotel Transylvania, should he just stick to cartoons?

3. Is Bill Murray's FDR impression in Hyde Park on Hudson inspired in part by David Letterman?

4. Is Lindsay Lohan's acting career beyond saving?

5. Does Snoop Lion really believe all this Rastafarian stuff?

6. Where in the world is Warren Beatty?

7.  Whose acting career will matter longer:  Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson?

8. Which actor should portray Gen. David Petraeus in the inevitable Lifetime movie about his affair?

9. Is George Clooney the mayor of Hollywood even though he spends a lot of time in Lake Como?

10. Will the mixed reviews for Life of Pi hurt its Oscar chances?

11. What happened to Harvey Weinstein's love affair with The Intouchables?

12. Given the publicity that Brad Pitt's Chanel No. 5 TV spot got, should he purposely look for ridiculous commercials?

13.  Is there any actor sexier than Ryan Gosling?

14.  Good casting decision or bad: Russell Crowe singing Broadway show tunes in Les Misérables?

15. Will Seth MacFarlane be a good Oscar host? (And what does Grampa think of Ted?)

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's hoping your holiday with the fam is a little less agonizing than this:

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  • SD says:

    I'll go first I guess:

    1) No. Not ragging on it but I don't believe it will be the kind of film that parents will look forward to showing their kids in the same way as SW

    2) Yes, or working with PT Anderson (and I think you meant to say since Punch Drunk Love)

    3) Can't comment at this time

    4) Let's hope so. She won't be getting help until her career is

    5) No

    6) Enjoying his millions?

    7) On the basis of choices so far... KStew

    8) I am guessing that Lifetime will double down on Lindsey Lohan

    9) No idea

    10) Yes. Can we please stop awarding Oscar nominations before the film has even come out?

    11) I hadn't heard about it but I have added it to my Netflix queue. Thanks

    12) No! Skip the pretentious commercials and make more goofy Japanese commercials. Better yet join Tommy Lee Jones in his Japanese commercials. They are awesome

    13) Not that I can think of. And certainly not Channing Tatum

    14) Like him or not he always gives it his all so I am looking forward to seeing how he does. Just don't criticise his accent

    15) I actually think MacFarlane is going to be a good host. Crass humour aside he is a good showman with a good musical knowledge that could make for a great ceremony similar to Jackman's

  • Emma says:

    wow, awesome post.Really thank you!