He-Man Steps Up: Jon M. Chu In Talks For Live-Action Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe movie - He-Man

By the power of Grayskull, get ready for this: The Masters of the Universe reboot is back on the docket, with news that Jon M. Chu (Step Up 2 The Streets, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, G.I. Joe: Retaliation) is in talks to helm the He-Man flick. Per Deadline, "the film revolves around He-Man, a prince who transforms into a warrior and becomes the last hope for a magical world that has been ravaged by the sinister Skeletor." Well, duh.

Chu, who revitalized and set the pace for the Step Up franchise post-Channing Tatum then handily served up Bieber Fever with a well-conceived flick of that mop-top in 3-D, is currently converting G.I. Joe to 3-D for Paramount and directing Bieber's live concert tour. On top of that, the success of his superhero webseries The LXD gave way to an entire YouTube channel (DS2DIO) dedicated to dance. He's a busy guy with his hands in a number of youth-oriented projects and in his last three features has demonstrated a visionary knack utilizing dimensionalized space, although post-converting Joe wasn't his first choice. Will his Masters of the Universe also go 3-D? I wouldn't be surprised, but Sony Pictures and Escape Artists had better give Chu the time and money he needs up front if they're even thinking of putting MoTU out in a souped-up format.

Although we've got months to go to see if fans embrace or revolt against Chu's version of G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe devotees should take this as a good thing: Chu is nothing if not mindful of paying fan service to beloved properties. Besides, someone's already mucked up He-Man on the big screen, and how. And it won't be like this (probably):

The next question is: Who could play He-Man?

(And then: If MoTU is a hit, could She-Ra follow?)




  • Chris Hemsworth, of course. He plays everything.

  • Dolph Lundgren. Absolutely zero question about it.

  • Hey, Jen there are questions that a new HE-MAN movie will hopefully be answer:

    (1) What holds Skeletor's jaw in place?
    (2) What was Man-At-Arms called when he was a kid? "Hello, Mrs Arms. Can MAN come
    out and play?"


  • judy says:

    I wouldn't be surprised, but Sony Pictures and Escape Artists had better give Chu the time and money he needs up front if they're even thinking of putting MoTU out in a souped-up format. ~ --------blackwhiteplanet _℃om ~~~~~ is for thousands of upscale men and beautiful women, who understand that ambition, success, and glamour are key elements of attraction. It's worth a try!

  • max says:

    I saw this article title and wondered if HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA would be here. You didn't disappoint me. LOL

  • Shawn Gordon says:

    Dolph Lundgren should play Man-in-Arms.
    Channing Tatum should play He-Man

    • Jen Yamato says:

      I like this Channing Tatum as He-Man idea, mostly because of the mental image of Channing Tatum in He-Man's costume. But I think that one movie The Eagle (remember that??) proved that Tatum doesn't quite look right in a swords 'n' sandals milieu, even if fantastical...

  • Kray Zee says:

    According to the clips above, Bucky Larson should play He-Man.

  • After taking a look at some scenes from the 80's Masters of the Universe movie, i realize now that it was a total Star Wars rip off

  • Benaly Canales says:

    Chris Cook, the bodybuilder from Venice, CA. would be a better He-Man than any of the actors that everybody has on their lists. He would be a fresh face to the movie scene, plus he's tan and blonde like He-Man is. Save Chris Hemsworth to play the weaker and fair-skinned Prince Adam. Can't use Dwayne Johnson because of his Scorpion King role. All your other choices may be good actors, but they're just not buff enough to play my childhood hero! I'm sorry, but Chris Cook is where it's at!!

  • Benaly Canales says:


  • Skeletor says:

    I just googled chris cook, and I agree with benaly, he would look like a perfect he-man. Also, i agree about the fresh face, without other images from other movies in our minds that other actors would have been in. chris cook as he-man ftw. dude looks totally like a he-man , and he's so buff he would visually support the transformation and endowement of power into prince adam

    • Benaly Canales says:

      Skeletor, I appreciate the support and I really hope the casters of the movie really really do consider big Chris for the role. You remember how every action figure of the collection was just freakishly muscular, right? I'm telling you, if it was up to me, there would be nothing but "musclebound fools" in that film. Like 300, but with bigger, bubblier muscles on their bones. Ha ha! Let me go make a list of who would play Teela, Evil-Lyn, and the Sorceress. I'll be back in a week.

  • luke-rative says:

    He man doesn't have to act, he just needs to be a beast... saying that, Joel Edgerton would be awesome

  • Here's my picks for Masters of the Universe:
    *He-Man - Chris Hemsworth
    *Skeletor - Ralph Fiennes
    *Man-At-Arms - Jeff Bridges
    *Beast Man - Hugh Jackman
    *Teela - Jessica Chastain
    *Evil-Lyn - Carla Gugino
    *Man-E-Faces - Arnold Schwarzenegger
    *Tri-Klops - Hugo Weaving
    *Ram Man - Gérard Depardieu
    *Trap Jaw - Mickey Rourke
    *Orko (Voice) - Frank Oz


    • Benaly Canales says:

      No, James O'Brien. NO.
      The action figures were all muscular. At least pick out some actors with muscular physiques. I mean, Jeff Bridges? Gerard Depardieu? Ralph Fiennes? No. Hell No.

  • Steven bergman says:

    I agree we should get chris the body builder to play as he-man he has the look and size already he perfect for it

  • Serafina says:

    Major thanks for the blog article. Fantastic.