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Write A 10-Word Review, Win A Signed Celeste And Jesse Forever Poster

Celeste and Jesse Forever Review

Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg try to navigate the ups and downs of breaking up while remaining BFFs in Lee Toland Krieger's Celeste and Jesse Forever, which is also one of the more vibrant LA-set pictures in recent memory. Declare your love for C&J and their bittersweet dramarama with a 10-word review of the film, now in wide release, and you could win a poster signed by the cast. A signed poster that you can cry to late at night whenever you get lonely!
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Rashida Jones on Celeste and Jesse Forever, Break-Ups, and The Worst Date Ever: 'He Was A Serial Masturbator'

Rashida Jones Dating

Rashida Jones filtered her own relationship history — and a few heart-wrenching break-ups — into this weekend's Celeste and Jesse Forever, an L.A.-set look at one couple's struggle to remain besties through separation, divorce, and the complicated disentanglement that follows the world's best-worst break-up.

Co-written with fellow actor Will McCormack, whom Jones dated for three weeks years ago, the sweet, affecting dramedy is peppered with moments inspired by real life events that carry Celeste through her journey of painful but necessary self-discovery — including one legendarily awful date with a guy who turned out to be, in Jones' words, "a serial masturbator."
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Beyond the Blockbusters: 360, The Babymakers, Celeste and Jesse Forever, Soldiers of Fortune Lead Limited Releases

Beyond the Blockbusters: 360, The Babymakers, Celeste and Jesse Forever, Soldiers of Fortune Lead Limited Releases

TDKR will likely rule the big box office for a third weekend in a row and Total Recall is a re-make that should bring out a decent mass of humanity. But there are a number of new specialty releases also braving the theaters this weekend that are more than worth your $$. Among this weekend's new ""indie/specialty/limited release" newcomers are 360 with Rachel Weisz, Jude Law and Anthony Hopkins. The Babymakers with Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn and Celeste and Jesse Forever, starring Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Elijah Wood and Ari Graynor and Soldiers of Fortune with Christian Slater, Sean Bean, Ving Rhames and Dominic Monaghan. Also on tap are Girlfriend Boyfriend by China/Taiwan/Hong Kong specialty outfit China Lion and doc Sushi: The Global Catch.
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REVIEW: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do In Charming Celeste and Jesse Forever

Celeste and Jesse Forever Review

Films like Celeste and Jesse Forever and The Five-Year Engagement feel like the start of some new subgenre — these unromantic semi-comedies about the microdramas of nice, emotionally inarticulate people struggling their way through relationships. Both feature comedic actors working with material that's not intended to be all that funny, and both take angles on relationships that don't usually make it to screen — a prolonged breakup leading up to a divorce and a prolonged, unhappy stretch leading up to a wedding. And both cruise on the charms of their lead actors, in this case Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg, holding together just enough to be satisfying while also leaving you wishing they had a little more to them.
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Celeste and Jesse Forever Brings Out the Star-Wattage at NYC Premiere

New York, NY, 8/1/2012 - The Peggy Siegal Company presents the after party for the special NY screening of Sony Pictures Classics' CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER in support of the International Rescue Committee.  The film stars screenplay writer Rashida Jones, co-writer Will McCormack and Rebecca Dayan.

-PICTURED: Rashida Jones and Lee Toland Krieger (Director)
-PHOTO by: Amanda Schwab/
-LOCATION: Hotel Chantelle

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New York, NY
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Indie pic Celeste and Jesse Forever played Sundance back in January and achieved that much sought-after hallmark of success: an acquisition deal with a big-name distributor - in this case the venerable Sony Pictures Classics. But the movie that had some false starts before shooting began did make it to the screen and if a gala screening of the film last night in New York is any measure, it should see more success. In addition to cast members Rashida Jones (who also co-wrote the film) and Rebecca Dayan as well as writer Will McCormack and director Lee Toland Krieger, Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd, David Schwimmer, Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Andy Cohen and Max Greenfield turned out for the event, hosted by The Peggy Siegal Company and the International Rescue Committee.
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A Comprehensive Guide to the Sundance 2012 Pick-Ups Headed to a Theater Near You

Sundance 2012 Deals - Safety Not Guaranteed, Arbitrage, Compliance

Park City did indeed turn out to be a robust marketplace this year, with buyers snapping up over two dozen features and docs out of Sundance 2012. Ranging from genre pleasers to indie charmers to potential future Oscar picks and beyond – and veering from critical fest duds to overwhelming crowd favorites – the class of Sundance ’12 is an intriguingly mixed-but-mostly-promising bag of films that will be dotting the cinematic landscape in the year or so to come. Here’s an updated comprehensive look at what sold and which films you should be looking forward to.
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