Oogieloves Writer Defends Film From 'Oogie-Haters'

Oogieloves Review NYT

Screenwriter Scott Stabile has read the pans and box office bomb reports and anti-Oogieloves screeds, and yet! He's got nothing but (Oogie)love for even his harshest critics: "As all of us adults know, we live in a tense and troubled world. Young kids will be exposed to plenty of real-life scares and violence on TV, in video games, on the computer and in daily life. Why do we have to expose preschoolers to anything but innocence and love in a 90-minute movie? Why isn’t it enough to show a gentle world where people are kind and help one another, in hopes that young kids mimic those sentiments over fighting and jealousy and revenge?" [Scott Stabile via Oogieloves on Facebook]


  • shawn says:

    i completly agree with you. we need more movies like this for kids. its about their innocence. they shouldnt be exposed to some of the crap thats out their now. selfish parents are the ones who hate this film cause its not for them. well its about the kids.not u!

  • Andyleo says:

    There is a difference between showing kids innocence and help them grow up to be good people through film (Wall-e I think is a prime example or even to some degree the new ParaNorman film) then to create a film that ultimately speaks down to children and panders to them acting like they are idiots!

  • John says:

    Preschoolers don't go to movies. The movie will do better on the home market though.

  • Mary Kate says:

    There are different movies for kids other than this. This was just awful, little kids are afraid of movie theaters anyway. This movie made less than $1,000 if that shows you anything.

  • ImSpidey2 says:

    Your counterattacks will not work. You made an miserable excuse for an film. Deal with it, and put some effort into it next time. Cancel the sequels. Cancel the show. Pretend that you never made this.