Oogieloves Averages $47 Per Screen, On Track For Wrong Kind Of Box Office Record

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Teletubbies marketing visionary Kenn Viselman was banking on his latest kiddie venture, the C-list cameo-packed "interactive" adventure The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure, capturing the hearts and minds of 3-5 year-olds and their parents this Labor Day weekend. But while it looks like Viselman will make a historical splash in the film game, it's so, so, so the wrong kind: Averaging just $47 per screen after opening in 2,160 theaters on Wednesday, Oogieloves could go down with one of the worst openings of all time.

Box Office Mojo reports the dismal figures from Oogieloves' opening day as a $102,564 take in over 2,000 theaters, or an average of $47.48 per screen, which Christopher Rosen of Huffington Post points out could grant Oogieloves the title of worst wide-release ever if business doesn't pick up. Like, a lot.

But hey, there's always the chance that parents were waiting for the weekend to take the kids to go dance and talk back to the three giant, terrifying noseless puppet heroes of Oogieloves. Kids love J. Edgar jokes and Christopher Lloyd with maracas! Fingers crossed you make back that $20 million budget, fellas!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for further developments on the Oogieloves front. We're keeping a close watch on this one.

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[Box Office Mojo, HuffPo]


  • it looks like it was a 1970s Sid and Marty Kroft TV pilot that was so bad that no network would air it, so instead, they released it in the theatres 30 years too late. Thank goodness that the American public is more savvy then many people give them credit for and could see this was a shoddy mess made by amatuers with more money then sense.
    If they really spent $60 million on this travesty the producer must have pocketed $59 million of it as a producer fee and spent $1million on actually making the film.

    He took on Hollywood all right and he lost...

  • waylon says:

    My Bedbugs] The award winning children's television series was created by husband and wife team Alex Greene and Carol Sweeney and produced by GreeneStuff Inc.]], a production company started by Greene in 2001. Characters Gooby, Toofy, and Woozy are the real-life nicknames of Greene and Sweeney's children. The original concept was brought to life when Greene hired Illustrator Carol Bartholomew in 1998 to design the characters under his supervision. Development of the series began in 2002, first broadcast of the series was June 2004 in Detroit on WTVS. Assistant Program Director "Joann Havel" first tested the series by letting her grandson watch the pilot episode and from his reaction decided to air the program. Steve Antonetti the General Manager decided to make a visit to the Greenestuff studio to meet with Greene and his staff, several hours later the first date to air was set, it is still unclear who discovered the series first.
    2005- The 27th annual Michigan Emmy Awards Ceremony honored My Bedbugs with an unprecedented, 4 golden statuettes. Producers proudly accepted awards for Outstanding Children’s Program, Videography, Audio, and Set Design. 2005- Exclusively designed by the creators of the Oscar and Emmy, the four Bronze Telly statuettes proudly adorn Greenestuff’s offices. Of the 14, 000 submissions received world-wide, My Bedbugs was commemorated by one of the most esteemed industry leaders.
    2006- After receiving an unprecedented 19 Emmy nominations, cast and crew of “My Bedbugs” were honored amongst 500 Television Academy members with 9 Emmys on June 17, 2006 at the Michigan 28th Annual Emmy Awards. 2006- My Bedbugs has been honored by the Telly Awards for Excellence in Entertainment, Use of Music, Art Direction, Use of Special Effects, Editing, Set Design, Use of Animation, and Sound/Sound Design. The eight, exquisite bronze statues will join the other four statues in Greenestuff's offices.
    The series aired throughout the U.S. and Canada and several countries throughout the world, but is now under new ownership and no longer being aired in any markets.

    • You don't tell us what connection Bedbugs and Greenestuff Inc. have to this awful movie. Are the Oggieloves based on that show or did these people design the Oggieloves? Or maybe you are trying to post their resumes so they can get some more work, becuase we can be pretty certain they aren't going to be working on a sequel to Oggieloves.

      Also, getting a local Michigan Emmy for a kids TV show is probably pretty easy, as I doubt there is much compettion. How many children's shows with special effects and sound design can their be in Michigan? Two? They probabaly won be default as the only enrtant in the category.

      And as we've seen from the Oggeloves film, it apparently doesn't qualify them to make a mass market mainstream movie. Hopefully they'll stay in Michigan.

  • Keith says:

    My Bedbugs was far more than a local show, apparently airing in approximately 70% of the US and Canada and other countries. From what I have learned Greene coordinated the movie deal but moved on because of creative differences with Viselman. According to the Oogieloves Press Notes, Viselman persuaded naive investors to give him complete creative control to produce the movie and a checkbook with 60 Million in it. WOW where are these guys?

    Greene probably saw this disaster coming and bailed. Here's a quote from the LA Times, I also included the link.

    "A sort of Willy Wonka of the toy-merchandising industry, Viselman developed and shaped "Oogieloves" from an idea devised by children's entertainment figures Carol Sweeney and Alex Greene."


  • KEITH says:

    Alex Greene is a thief!