Jackman, Hathaway & Co-Stars Are Masters Of The House At 'Les Misérables' Premiere

Les Miserables London Premiere

Fans stormed London's Leicester Square to join the revolution on Wednesday night: the world premiere of  Les Misérables. The barricades were up, not to hold back National Guardsmen but to restrain fans who who turned up to salute the movie's lead Hugh Jackman, Londoner (and the movie's Marius), Eddie Redmayne and the rest of the main cast. 

Lovely Ladies Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and  Samantha Barks,who has played Eponine both on stage and, now, on screen, were all smiles as they stalked the red carpet, the dark days of their Parisian revolt a distant dream.

Master of the House, director Tom Hooper, accompanied comrade and legendary theater producer Sir Cameron MacKintoshto the premiere, as well as Russell Crowe, who portrays the saga's relentless Inspector Javert.

The cast confirmed that the movie’s multi-camera, live-recorded singing made filming more laborious than usual, at times resulting in dozens of takes.

Some malfunctioning mechanical butterflies didn't help either. Redmayne said that while he and Amanda Seyfried were filming their "A Heart Full of Love" duet, "Tom became obsessed with the stunt butterflies. There were moments where Amanda and I would do these incredibly intense takes of newfound love, and Tom would say, 'Yeah, it was great, but the butterflies…'"

Barks recalled enduring many sodden takes of singing "On My Own" in the rain. “There was a big rain machine which followed me around for a lot of the film. Sometimes I’d arrive on set and they’d have to hose me down," she recalled. "After the rain, you get so cold, your teeth start to chatter and they say, ‘We’re picking up on a weird sound, what’s that?’ So I’d chatter, ‘It’s my teeth!’”

When Hooper wasn't preoccupied with the butterflies, he devoted plenty of attention to the rain machine, presumably from his eternally dry director’s chair, “The geek in me enjoyed having to come up with the solution of how to do silent rain" so it wouldn't interfere with the live singing,  the director explained, adding: "By the end the rain was quiet."  Hooper said it took "six months of researching to do rain with with no noise" and after finally achieving "our dream," as he put it, "we had to put the rain sound back in during the sound mixing.”

After their near-freezing stint on the red carpet, all guests stepped inside the warm sanctuary of the Leicester Square Odeon for the movie, after which Hooper invited everybody to drink with him in North London, at Camden’s Roundhouse until late.

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