WATCH: Daniel Craig Appears In SkyFall Heineken Ad − Martini Drinkers Shaken, Not Stirred

Daniel Craig -- Vanity Fair interview

I'm going to need more than one martini — Ketel One, straight up, lots of olives — to swallow this ad. Daniel Craig appears with Bond Girl Berenice Marlowe in a new Heineken ad tied to the release of the upcoming 007 feature, Skyfall. Craig's brief appearances book-end the commercial and martini lovers will find some consolation in the fact that he doesn't actually drink from the bottle of Heineken that he orders in the clip.I do have to give Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam props for the zany, international flavor of the recent Heineken TV ad spots. The scene in the clip below where the actor mistaken for Bond recreates a miniature replica of Moscow's onion-domed St. Basil's Cathedral by shooting playing cards from the palms of his hands is a smart touch.

Although Heineken has had a 15-year relationship with the Bond franchise, this commercial represents part of a stepped-up marketing and product placement campaign that was announced this past spring.

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