First Skyfall Teaser: Bond. Bleak Bond.

Skyfall Teaser Trailer

Get excited for the first teaser for Skyfall, which steps beyond gay-travel-brochure stylings, Heineken gambits, and Photoshop banalities into a more conventional realm of 007 viral marketing. To wit: Daniel Craig, working his wounded, blue-eyed magic as the world's most tormented superspy. Things are getting dark around here! Which doesn't mean we can't have a little fun — at least visually, right?

Needs more Javier Bardem, but hey. The table — and the mood — are set by director Sam Mendes, who knows from crippling emo despondency. "Skyfall? Skyfall?" "Done." Not soon enough, alas: The film arrives in theaters Nov. 9.

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  • SD says:

    It's Bond so I have to watch it but I'll be grumbling to myself afterward and waiting for the day when they reboot the series to make Bond a spy again and not an assassin.

    • Jake says:

      Interesting comment. I really liked Casino Royale, but QoS was lacking and I can see your point about the assassin thing. He really should be more of a spy.

      But I'm still excited to see this.

      • SD says:

        I am a huge fan of the books so that is what James Bond is to me. I would love a really good period spy movie that eschews guns and gadgets for some good old fashioned espionage.

        Maybe it would be boring for today's audiences but I thought for all of its visual frippery Spy Game was proof that it could work.

  • This looks fantastic.

  • Wills says:

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