Sam Mendes: Skyfall Will Be 'Very English,' Very Digital

Sam Mendes SkyfallNot this again: "The eye behind such films as No Country for Old Men and The Assassination of Jesse James, [Roger] Deakins takes Bond into the digital age. Mendes promises his darker tone will bleed directly over to the physical look of the movie. 'I've worked with Roger twice [on Jarhead and Revolutionary Road], so I feel very comfortable in that relationship. There's a shorthand. You look at each other and know what you're thinking. He's a true artist. Right from the start of directing, I realized the most important two relationships were with my leading actors and the director of photography. You'll see in the teaser trailer that it has a very distinct look that does have elements of noir and British '60s. It's very English — a lot is set in England.'" []


  • All right, enough is enough. I'm calling for a Director Deathmatch: Team Digital vs. Team Film. Representing TD: David Fincher, Sam Mendes, Steven Soderbergh, Michael Mann, James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez. Representing TF: Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg. And then there's Marty Scorsese in Team 3D....

    1st Round: Fincher vs. Spielberg. Spielberg attempts to run Fincher over with Joey The Horse but quickly finds himself locked in a basement as Fincher wields a power saw. It doesn't end well for Spielberg as his head is removed and then sent to Nolan via cardboard box. Check back later for round 2.

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