WATCH: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Final Trailer Saves The Crazy Stuff For Last

Breaking Dawn Trailer

With one last action-packed trailer, Summit continues its final marketing push to bring the $2 billion Twilight Saga down the home stretch. What's nice about this full two-minute trailer is it actually builds tension, at least, moreso than the abridged looks we've had this week. And while it lays down more of a foundation for the final epic throwdown between good vampires and not-so-good vampires that wraps up the series, we also get the tiniest explanation of the "immortal child" hullabaloo at the center of Breaking Dawn.

The full trailer offers a bit more explanation for the uninitiated as to why evil Italian vampire Michael Sheen and his army of cloaked bloodsuckers are coming to Washington State to tangle with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), and their extended brood namely, Renesmee. The Volturi have been waiting for a reason to punish these peaceful romance-loving Cullen vamps, and when stupid Irina (Maggie Grace, I cannot wait for you to not be annoying in a movie) tattles some misinformation they are convinced Bella and Edward have done the unthinkable: "Turned" a child.

Also saved for the final marketing push is an emphasis on the special vampire powers that gave Stephenie Meyer's Saga-ender such a left-field X-Men: The Last Stand-type feel, although the book differed drastically from the heated brawling we see here, so there's at least one mystery left to uncover.

Better to reel in fans with the homestead drama and Bella's karate kicking skills and leave the really out-there stuff for audiences to discover in the theater (*cough imprinting cough*).

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is in theaters November 16.

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