Kristen Stewart Tells Toronto Her Character's Ability To 'Love So Openly' Was Difficult, Nude Scenes Not So Much

Kristen Stewart said that the sex scenes and the nudity weren't the difficult part of playing Marylou in On The Road. Rather it was her character's emotional openness.  "She loved so openly — and that's hard," Stewart said of Lu Anne Henderson.  She also referred to her character, who Neal Cassady married when she was just 15, as "a bottomless pit" — presumably a reference to her emotional capacity — who would have been "ahead of her time even now."  (For more photos of Stewart, check out our Toronto Film Festival photo gallery.) 

Stewart, who wore a sparkly floral dress and black high-tops, seemed her usual intense and uncomfortable self as she spoke during an extremely brief Q&A session that followed the movie. But the more she spoke about Henderson, the more animated the actress became, particularly when she said that Henderson, in spirit, "was so fucking there for me" on the set.

The second and last question asked of her came from a fan, who drew winces when, in the spirit of On the Road, she asked Stewart where she'd choose to go if she could go anywhere. After taking a half-hearted stab at answering the question, the actress finally said, "I don't know, dude."

Judging from the polite applause that followed the screening, the crowd liked but didn't love On the Road, which,  thanks in part to its source material, felt aimless at times. That said, the performances by Stewart,  Garret Hedlund, who plays Cassady doppelganger, Dean Moriarty, and Sam Riley, who essentially plays Kerouac, are strong. Stewart doesn't have a lot of lines, but she brings a sultry radiance to the screen that is impossible to ignore. I don't know if this performance is going to net her an Oscar nomination, but it's clear that she's got the right stuff.

As for the sex scenes, the most envelope-pushing performance of the film belongs not to Stewart but to Steve Buscemi who is depicted taking it up the bum from Hedlund.

Well, you wanted to know, didn't you?

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  • She looks simply gorgeous in what ever she wears love that Pretty Girls Rocks

  • The Pope says:

    Nice to she received a warm welcome.

  • natt says:

    She's a gorgeous girl,and I heard she signed autographs for over an hour and a half so gracious to the fans!

    • Teal says:

      Well, yes, it was important that she did that so her PR people could be happy. Never mind that it held up the Judge Dredd screening which didn't get started until after 1 am, thanks to that.

  • Jacobo Kerouac says:

    She appeared dreadfully bored throughout the Q&A, and looked foolish pairing those stupid high tops with a designer dress. More than all that though, she just looked like a spoilt child so i suppose she should be forgiven for her youthful indiscretions.

    • Well, she was asked two questions: What was "hard" about the role. The second was: If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go. If I was Stewart, I'd be bored, too. And I also think that what you read as "bored" is really discomfort.

  • Izabel says:

    I'm so happy for you, Kristen!

  • Jake says:

    Oh Kristin, you are awesome. No one can look as brain dead as you on screen. Don't listen to the haters.

    And I totally agree. Taking your clothes off is way easy than acting. At least, I heard that from Lindsay Lohan.

    You're the best!!!

    • geng says:

      and you're a pig.

      • Not Jake says:

        Kristin, I'm so happy for you. You are my life and my love! We are meant to be to be! Don't listen to Jake. Geng is right. He IS a pig. I love how you can look so disinterested in everything on screen. How do you do it? What is your method? Share the deets!

        I love you!!!!!

        • neil says:

          You must be from New York; she was smart to use Toronto to show herself and put people like you and all that petty nonsense behind her. So glad celebrities perceive Toronto as welcoming as opposed to the veiled hostility too often found south of the border.

          • Not Jake says:

            Well, I'm Canadian. And I just love Kristin Stewart. She's truly the best. All those stupid New Yorkers are so obsessed with celebrities. I love her for her incredible inability to emote. Her blank stares and vapidity deliver a particular form of ennui to my highly distinguishing palette.

            Everything is better here in Toronto. When we pass gas, it smells incredible.

      • cristina k says:

        I agree

  • Lore says:

    kristen you rocks!!! you look beautiful lovely 🙂
    super happy for you and On The road

  • cristina k says:

    I love her, she is a winner, I admire your strength to be there, gorgeous, wish I could give you a hug and say everything is fine, she is beautiful inside and out ....... I will always support! !!

  • NK says:

    LOL krisbians are so pathetic here