Is Kristen Stewart Breaking Up with Robert Pattinson, or the Twilight Phenomenon, or Both?

Kristen Stewart Breakup

I should admit up front that I've long been skeptical of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's off-screen romance. They make a beautiful couple, as the Twilight franchise box-office numbers demonstrate, but, if you ask me, their real-life relationship has always had an odor of Hollywood hoodoo — the inspired idea of some marketing or public-relations executive who saw a way to keep fan interest in the blockbuster saga alive between movies.

Then again, a slew of respectable publications and websites are telling me it's real, and so who am I to disagree? reported today, for instance, that a "heartbroken and angry" Pattinson had moved out of the Los Angeles home that he shared with Stewart, despite her head-turning public apology for cheating on him by making out in a car with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

The whole episode and the media frenzy it has provoked  brings out the armchair analyst in me (I do have a Bachelors in psychology, by the way) and, whether I look at this from the perspective of a couples counselor or a cultural critic, I can't help but think that Stewart — subconsciously or consciously — is telling  us that she doesn't want us to think of her as Bella anymore.

Although she  seems to have become better adjusted to being in the spotlight recently, Stewart has never appeared comfortable with the insane kind of fame that the Twilight movies brought her. (Indeed, the last time she had to issue an apology was when she compared the paparazzi's photographing of her to being raped.)

I've never met her, but I wonder if that discomfort has to do with her self-image as an actress instead of teen idol movie star. Stewart's excellent performances in Into the Wild and the extremely underrated  Adventureland tell me that she has Oscar potential. (I also thought she did Joan Jett justice in The Runaways.) With the right roles, she could be her generation's Jodie Foster. But at the moment, she's got to feel more like Mark Hamill.

Stewart's headlines-making cheating episode reminds me of the furor that erupted in 2008 when Vanity Fair published a tastefully topless photo of Miley Cyrus in the magazine. Like Stewart, Cyrus apologized for the incident saying she was "embarrassed" by the photo.

But  the episode was really a smart bit of positioning on Cyrus' part: the image sent the message that Cyrus was leaving the adolescent world of Hannah Montana behind.

Intentionally or impulsively, Stewart has sent a similar message to the millions of Twi-hards out their who breathlessly monitor her every move.  Bella, and maybe Robsten too are history. As one friend told People: "I'm not sure they'll be able to recover from this." I bet that friend is right.

Sometimes you have to break a few hearts to get what you want. Even when those hearts belong to your biggest fans.

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  • CocaineHeart says:

    yeahhh this whole thing seems like she is literally trying to sabotage her life as it is right now... making out/cuddling with one her directors who is married, father of 2, in the middle of the day, in LA, in her paparazzi-bait car, and the immediately admitting and apologizing for it.... CRAY!

  • olivia says:


  • jj says:

    the thing is whether rob or her are an actual couple or not, rupert is married with children. they were messing around with each other. so if she wanted to break away from everything she probably could have found a better way to do it.

    • Frank DiGiacomo says:

      You're talking about the movie industry where tradition and morality are quaint notions.

  • Li Wright says:

    I don't believe they were a couple, and I don't believe this reality TV scripted drama. It's all for publicity.

  • Frank DiGiacomo says:

    So, it's a scripted reality Movie drama? I think you've invented a new media genre!

  • Frank DiGiacomo says:

    I like that.

  • Mike S says:

    She's only 22. How many of us have actually found the person we're going to spend the rest of our lives with at 22? I'm 32 and have never been in love.

    • Frank DiGiacomo says:

      You speak the truth.

    • beia says:

      That is truth, but why not find a single guy if you are gonna cheat? Why does it have to be a man who is 41 with a lovely wife and two young children? Why go out in broad daylight? To get caught! That does not show any type of maturity.

      • Passion is passion. Then again, I agree with you. Why do two successful Hollywood players--who can afford the best in hotel rooms (the Chateau Marmont would be my choice) drive around Los Angeles and make out in a car in full view of the paparazzi who have been trailing Ms. Stewart since 2008? Someone wanted to get caught.

  • Al lopez says:

    what she needs is a good old, make over, first off I was thinking she was a big laz-bo. (gay).
    all she needs is a new hair cut, some new outfits, and that's it.
    Look in this town your look or what you look like is gold.
    So come on Ms. K. go out get yourself that new look, and all will be good.

    • I agree that Kristen Stewart is looking for a makeover, but not in terms of hair and clothing. She wants to be taken seriously, and she should be. She's seriously talented in my view.

  • Frank DiGiacomo says:

    Who should give her the makeover?

  • CocaineHeart says:

    also, how holy awkward is that new Twilight premiere gonna be?! yikes....

  • amelie says:

    Kristen lacks maturity, sophistication, respect, common sense and courage. No one should betray a lover or friend in the way Kristen hurt Rob. That jerk, Rupert Sanders shares responsibility for all this suffering, at 41, he took advantage of Kristen. If Rob finds that he still loves Kristen down the road he should not let his pride get in the way. If he can't forgive then it is over. Kristen has abused her power in the relationship by cheating in public. I think they should both go to counseling to get help in dealing with the public, their feelings,and future choices so they do not go.nuts or prolong their suffering unnecessarily. They are young and resilient, and will survive.

  • amelie says:

    Addition to my previous comment-Kristen lacks maturity, sophistication..etc....She is very young has not had many boyfriends or experience. She also has beauty, talent, and a good heart. I agree that she seems to have sabotaged her life. There could be many reasons for this, lack of confidence, wanting to be dissociated from her twilight image, fear of commitment with Rob, believing in her own hype, enjoying attention from another man. But I am sure she loves Rob and will struggle/suffer for the pain she caused him.

  • beia says:

    The press junkets for BD are going to be a nightmare. When they go out to meet fans and stuff it's going to be insane. Kstew should wear a rain coat cuz I can imagine the twihards throwing water and goodness knows what else at her. Summit must be blowing a gasket

    The 50 pictures of them (which now have been taken down by "request") show that these two have been doing this for a while. She was never that comfortable with Rob. She was all over that man, grinding on him, kissing him, holding each other. Obviously, KStew's PR people didn't realize how this was going to get blown in the media and now are doing damage control. Also, the fact that Rob moved out speaks volumes.

    If this would have been a PR stunt, they would have found someone that was single for her to cheat with not a married man of 2 small children who is two times her age.

    • If her canoodling with Sanders is real, then that just proves my point that her so-called relationship with Pattinson is Hollywood hoodoo. I agree with you that this development is going to make the press junkets for BD2 a real challenge. BUT, never underestimate the power of movie-industry publicists. They are the Navy SEALS of their profession. Effective and deadly--especially when a mega-successful franchise like Twilight is at stake. I suspect they are the reason Stewart made such a remarkably forceful apology.

  • Andrew says:

    Her performance in Adventureland is proof of her being capable of an Oscar calibre performance? You crazy. She gave the same one-note, affected and mannerism afflicted performance she gives in 99% of everything she does. She is not a good actress.

    And she's got to feel like Mark Hamill? You mean the guy who managed to get out from under the shadow of his iconic character by the strength of his voice over work (read: one of the purest forms of acting) with over 200 incredibly diverse credits to his name while also creating a performance for one of the most iconic characters of the 20th century which was so strong that it measure by which all other versions of that character are judged...and left found wanting.

    I'm not really seeing how Kristen Stewart could feel like someone like that.

  • Pam Conaty says:

    Who knows what the real truth is here. I can't believe Kristen would be that cold, to get "caught" on purpose. I think this was a set-up-in one of those pics, Rupert is actually LOOKING at the camera like he knows it's there. Why he would do this-I don't know. One day, the truth will come out. But, since all they did was kiss, etc. this has really been blown out of porportion anyway. While I agree Kristen is a great actress, her best performances have been The Cake Eaters, Panic Room, Speak (she deserved an Oscar for this one), and Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. She's been acting since she was 9 and this will not hurt her career. But, if she did do this on purpose, then that will hurt her fans. But, life goes on. Either way.

  • Brieftaube says:

    Please people - don't you see what you are doing? You are trying to blame a young woman who was seduced by a person of authority (director!) twice her age for "cheating on her boyfriend" - whilst that "boyfriend" never officially had that role (all assumptions!) and finally: What do you people know how it came to the making out scenario? Last but not least - when oh when will you jump on Rupert Sanders like crazy vultures and rip him apart? At 22 a young girl is allowed to be impressionable, but at 41 a MARRIED man is NOT allowed to make out with said impressionable girl. So if there is blame to be flung around - it is not supposed to go towards Kristen, and you people should be ashamed of the hatred you have for her. She did NOT cheat on anyone - she is NOT freakin' married and has had NO official relationship. If I was her I would sue the hell out of everyone badmouthing her like that. That hate against her - its very simply envy. And "poor" Rob is probably deeply embarrassed. You know why? Because what - just hypothetical - he was such a lousy "boyfriend" that he drove Kristen to seek some kind of self-assurance, and there was Rupert, old perf, and totally took advantage of her. THAT's the story. Quote me! Go Kristen - don't let people rip you apart! Just stand to what you did - you are a star, for goodness' sake!

    • Pam Conaty says:

      Well said! While I do think Rob and Kristen's relationship was real, they were not married. The reason the headlines are screaming her name instead of Rupert Sanders is simply because no one cares about him-he doesn't sell magazines or make people click on stories. He's older and the one who's actually married. And, you're right again about the haters being envious of Kristen. I've been saying that since 2008! There's nothing she can do to keep these haters from ripping her apart. What do you say? I hope she does sue, everybody she can! The papparazzi follow her everywhere-that is stalking!

  • brooke adams says:

    they should get back together im heart broken for them im so sad im crying right now :'( my twi heart is breaking and i really want them to get back together. and fans of kristen and rod for being a couple, make sighns and say rod and kristen get back togetherplzz and post them all around your city plzz u guys get them back together i dont think that rob should be emberressed plzz get back together. my twi heart is breaking plzz . <3 :'( plzzzzz!

    from: brooke adams, a big twi heart <3

  • jud71 says:

    could it be possible to have an twilight saga bd3 or the bd2 is the last episode of twilight saga because of that issue?