Cheating, Apologetic Kristen Stewart 'Has Been Neutered'

Kristen Stewart CheatingIn the wake of the Kristen Stewart cheating bomb that dropped today, at least one PR pro thinks Stewart's subsequent apology stinks of forced reparations. Meanwhile, gossip maven Lainey Lui zeroes in on the repercussions of the Twilight star issuing such a perplexingly earnest-sounding mea culpa after years of fiercely protecting her private life from outside eyes: "Kristen Stewart has been neutered. She’s officially owned now. She belongs to them. And she belongs to us."

Continued, from Lainey Gossip: "You don’t want to answer questions about your private life? But you just gave me every reason to ask about your private life because you told ME how sorry you are, sobbing through your words, that you may have ruined your love. One day you’re diving into the dumpster avoiding photographers when I want to see a picture of you holding hands with your boyfriend, the next day you’re begging me to understand that you made a bad judgement call, essentially pleading for my forgiveness. Who turns down power when it’s presented to them? Certainly not me. Certainly not us."

Lainey's been covering the Twilight beat within the larger celebrity world for years now, and she's always come across as one of the realest-talking gossip fixtures in the biz. Here she nails Stewart's PR predicament precisely on its head: In a nutshell, one of Hollywood's most hounded celebrities has uncharacteristically and without prompting pulled back the curtains on her private life — and how — and judging by how her People exclusive apology reads it seems like she was thinking about as strategically as a plaintive, emotional teenager, not the megastar who just months ago swore she didn't care about those who "want to turn truth into shit."

What's fascinating here to celeb-watchers is that Stewart felt she needed to apologize publicly at all after becoming quite adept at protecting her private life. Then again, that kind of 24-7 privacy-guarding would be exhausting for anyone. But if anyone demanded an apology, it wasn't necessarily the fans, though it likely helped stem the tide of vicarious betrayal many have vocalized. So why do it?

[Lainey Gossip]

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  • lori1 says:

    Lainey is just mad because none of the Twilight actors give her interviews anymore. So, someone has a motive to come after Kristen. Don't care what she thinks.

  • Mary says:

    Why did Kristen say it? Maybe because Rob won't take her calls, and it's the only way she can communicate with him and tell him she's sorry. Not sure if she deserves Rob's forgiveness..I think he should dump her and move on.

  • lori1 says:

    Oh and one more thing, Ms Delusional Lainey, Kristen in no way was apologizing to you or asking your forgiveness since you're no fan of hers anyway and you're certainly not family or her man she still doesn't have to tell you anything. Particularly the people who are treating her like crap now. Do you think Kristen Stewart would ever need Lainey? LMAO, don't thinks so EVER!

    Lainey has not been relevant since Twilight & she will continue to be cheating or not.

  • CocianeHeart says:

    gahh this is so hard to believe that Stewart would make a statement like that! its just so weird... have her reps made any comments about this? or are we just going with what People is saying....?

  • Nicole says:

    Um, maybe because the whole thing might be fake? Something doesn't ring true to me - first of all why a girl whose every move is followed by the paps would get caught, and secondly why she would issue a public statement. Neither are her style at all. I think both the photos and the apology are fake somehow. Just my opinion

    • KevyB says:

      Well, last time rumors started circulating that Pattinson was gay, he was suddenly - and awkwardly - dating his costar! So I gotta wonder if there are new rumors like that coming out? If not that, then apparently what's coming out of the closet is their "relationship" being as realistic as the Twilight storylines. So any bets on how long after it comes out on dvd comes the "breakup"???

      • Scan says:

        You people who like to fantasize that Rob and Kristen never had sex with each other and were never boyfriend and girlfriend, are even more wackadoodle than the fans planning their wedding. At least those kooks they have eyes and a brain, and don't stick their heads up their own arses.

        The lengths you will go astound, now you even have Summit/Twi contractual stay together DVD language in your 'I need Rob to be gay,' fantasies. Except no one really explains how if this was a contract and fakery all along, why they were doing it so badly (no candids, no confirmations, extreme privacy) - plus, gay actors who are that paranoid about their sexual orientation and worried about 'rumors,' don't play gay in film roles. Pattinson could have enjoyed his singledom and lived a gay life without dating Stewart, by showing up with a supermodel every other month ala DiCaprio.

  • Drew says:

    I just reads that Lainey gossip article. There wasn't one hint of glee in it. Just unbelievable insight and beyond awesome writing.

  • samantha says:

    i certainly think she is publicly apologizing for rob. SHE always has been firm about wanting to not speak about their love for each other and i'm sure she has asked rob to keep quiet about it when he probably doesn't care if people know. i think by doing this she's trying to show rob she is willing to tell the world she loves him and won't hide it anymore. whats weird to me though is cheating is cheating, how is it a lapse of judgment? you love rob so much yet you were willing to cheat on him. if she didn't caught who knows how far it would have went...

  • slayer767 says:

    she is just so self destructive... this is one way for the Twi-Nation to forget her after the final flick...

  • sam says:

    I wouldn't worry too much ya'll - they both have their multimillion dollar fortunes and millions of adoring fans who want to be with them to keep them going. Sure - they do care about each other but if she really cared, why would she sleep with that older dude that's not even 1/2 as good looking as Rob. Wonder how he seduced her........or if she seduced him?

  • Trace Murray says:

    This generation finally has its Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Vicky says:

    You're dead on Jen!! You can't go around acting like a paragon of virtue unless you are one. Dump her Rob! You can do sooooo much better.

  • Tadei says:

    I too don't understand why a 22-year old woman has to issue a public apology on such a private matter. Kristen owes me no apology and I am a fan. Her PR team killed her. I am hoping she will recover. The whole incident kind of humanized her a bit.

  • Hepzivah says:

    It is a sad commentary on our society that celebrities have to make statements on their private lives, it's damned if you do, damned it you don't. Mags and paps like to build up celebrities to cut them down hard. Let the people involved keep what's next private.

  • Megan says:

    She's a crappy actress with a petulant, immature attitude. What she did doesn't come as all that much of a surprise, and I just hope it brings a death knell to this terrible, terrible franchise. In the meantime: Rob, you seem to have some talent and drive in you, and you seem like a genuine person. Move on from the child and get yourself a woman who can form a complete sentence without sounding like a moron.

  • maggy says:

    Kristen needs to grow up. She's only 22 and acts like she's 2. So awkward too. Anyways, it's really none of our business so why would she make it public if she truly is so private and annoying about it. Very strange girl she is. Oh, and they need to fix her "chicklet" front teeth. They don't look cute anymore. 😉

  • Brieftaube says:

    Oh, come on! Why all that hate? Things like that happen, its bad enough for both of them. I think Kristen was badly advised by "friends" to blurt out that apology, like someone said "That's what your fans want you to do now", and she, all embarrassed and probably really already in trouble with Rob, didn't know what else to do - under the pressure. Also - how come nobody condemns the 41-years old father of two and husband for having seduced an impressionable 22-years-old? Robert Pattinson is also one of the most wanted guys on the planet, so maybe Kristen needed a little assurance of herself ... and maybe she and the director really never slept together. I think the attention should not turn to the guy in question, and HE GOT TO ANSWER to the question, what were you thinking, ***hole? He should have known that making out with a world-famous actress like Kristen should be done in a place where nobody could ever get with a camera! Besides - he is a cheater. Kristen isn't married. But he is twice her age AND married. So where is his apology? To his wife, kids, Kristen and Rob and us? On the other hand - maybe more people will go see the movie now, just to check how it feels to see the wife and the lover act together! Perverse.

  • drush76 says:

    Who cares? I don't why people care if she cheated on the guy or not. I don't know her. I don't know him.

    ["Anyways, it's really none of our business so why would she make it public if she truly is so private and annoying about it. "]

    She made her apology public, because her agent thought she needed to make one. Why, I don't know. She can cheat on Robert Pattison all she likes. It's not going to send my world crashing down.

    • Gabriella says:

      Yet you cared enough to research (or at least read this article) and write an opinion on it?

      • amelie says:

        I read that Rob wanted a public apology because he was humiliated and wanted the public to understand that he did nothing to hurt Kristen. When all help broke loose, and Kristen realized the horrible hurt she caused and that Rupert Sanders did not have her back, she was willing to apologize. This is not fake, Sanders would not have dragged his family and reputation through the mud to help a 22 yr. old girl break ties with her boyfriend. And everyone should be able to recognize how much Rob loved, wanted, and needed Kristen.

  • immortality20 says:

    Oh my, a 22 year old makes a mistake. Must be the first ever..

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