Robert Pattinson Eyes Future James Bond Role

Robert Pattinson James BondThere could be a new cold-blooded young buck waiting in the wings to play 007 if and when Daniel Craig is over his stint in the role. Heartthrob Robert Pattinson is eyeing the future post-Twilight and has dabbled recently with roles in Bel Ami (which didn't do so spectacularly at the box office) and Cosmopolis which opens in the U.S. next month, but failed to whip up a frenzy in Canada where it opened last month. Still, the dashing actor packs some fan-base mojo and James Bond could be a place down the line and the actor has taken a peek.

He told British paper The Sun that he'd like to play the character that the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore and Sean Connery have traversed before, though he said he'd have to wait until he's in his 40s.

"Yeah, I'd definitely like to go for Bond, but in more like 20 years," said 26 year-old Pattinson. "There'd be nothing worse than, like, 'let's get a fresh-faced Bond.' That would be the worst idea in the world. It would be ridiculous to reinvent it as some young posh kid."

He paid tribute to the current reigning Bond, noting, "After Daniel Craig, you have to have some baggage. I'd have to be tortured in the first few scenes. I'd have to do the first film with one arm or something."

Apparently, the actor is even looking to do a series of Bonds… But with two decades to go, Pattinson will have time to get into 007 shape, which he admitted is not quite up to par (though his loyal fans may disagree). "I've got to make up for 10 years of living like a degenerate. I've suddenly become conscious of being unhealthy," he said. "You've spent every bit of free time since the age of 15 in a pub. And suddenly you're like, 'Oh God, I don't want to be this grey ghost sitting there with a pot belly.' I've got to get it together."

[Source: The Sun]


  • Dan says:

    Is the rebooted James Bond going to be a eunuch? If so, awesome casting choice!

  • Lily says:

    LMAO from above comment.

    Who is he kidding?! Daniel Craig has talent. He's not fit to even dream about ever getting such a role. He should stick to putting out crap, apparently that's all he is capable of selling.

    • jo says:

      daniel craig has talent? hahaha. nice one.

      • jimmy53 says:

        I really hope you're joking. There's really not much of a debate over whether Craig is talented. Even people who aren't fans of his films can admit that the man is an extremely talented actor (both in film and on stage). I assume you must not be very familiar with his film work or ever seen him on stage, or you wouldn't be making such an off base comment. There isn't really much of a comparison here, Pattinson has a LONG way to go before being compared to a veteran like Craig.

  • Baco Noir says:

    Funny, I didn't think it was April 1st. Good joke. You got me.

  • jess says:

    saw Cosmopolis last weekend and honestly he did a great job. Most of you are so quickly to judge. idk..

    • jo says:

      haven't had a chance to see it yet, because it doesn't come out here till august. based on the reviews it's love it or hate it film.

  • CTgirl says:

    Will anyone remember him in even 5 years?

    • LJ says:

      Yes, bitch, we will.

      • CTgirl says:

        My bad, I forgot about the crazy Twilight fans. Hope you and your Bell and Edward pillow are happy together.

        • LJ says:

          I'm not even a big Twilight fan. Have I watched the movies? Yes, but I still don't get what all the hype is about. The reason why I defend Rob is because he is trying hard to choose roles that aren't obvious and prove himself as an actor. He could easily slip into romantic comedies and make a lot more money than he is getting paid to do modestly-budget films like 'Bel Ami' or 'Cosmopolis'. I respect that he trying to challenge himself as an actor, which is more than can be said for other stars of the film e.g. Taylor Lautner.

          • CTgirl says:

            I've watched several of his movies and he has a tendency to either over act or under act to the point of coming across as damn near comatose. I'm sure he's a nice person but since I don't know him I can only comment on his acting. And his acting just isn't that good. Maybe he'll improve but you have to wonder for how long he can hang on in Hollywood without a real hit or fantastic review of his acting.

      • jimmy53 says:

        you're an idiot.

    • Federic Salgado says:

      I dont do not think so.. by the time all this Vampire nonsense will done for good and we can get back to something new. He has been typecast as as pretty boy vampire Edward thats it.

  • Natalie says:

    I would love to see Rob as a young James Bond, the early years. Nobody wears a suit or a tux like Rob, so he would be perfect.

  • Robin says:

    Is Movieline seriously using a SUN article as a source for a story? What's next? Movie news from The Weekly World News? Casting news from The National Enquirer?

    I thought you were supposed to be professional. Badly played.

  • bradslager says:

    Now wait a moment, he MIGHT be right for the role. He has worked opposite Kristen Stewart, and she has not stirred once in any of her performances.

    • Jack says:

      I'm meh on Kristen Stewart, but the difference is that Stewart at the very least has some (not all, but some) approval from the top critics like Ebert and A.O. Scott, even for such duds like Snow White. She's also garnered mostly good reviews for her indie films that nobody ever watches. Basically, the critics have always been mixed to positive on her, but there hasn't been a completely negative critical consensus on her acting in any of the films...May have been either Movieline or Moviefone, but they did a posting about the critical versus public reception of her not that long ago. On the other hand, Ebert ripped Rob Pattinson apart in his review for Bel Ami and the NY Times was pretty brutal too. He got uniformly trashed for his acting in that sappy 9/11 film also...If he can't get the critics somewhat in his corner, he at least needs a hit...and doing art house films is not the way to go. Maybe Cosmopolis will be his breakout film? That said, a lot of great actors and actresses started out being not so great. So there's hope for both Pattinson and Stewart.

      • jojo says:

        true, but doing arthouse indie films is a great way to build up your resume. ebert did like rob in remember me and in water for elephants though. he has had modest success with his last mainstream, it made over a 100ww on a 38 million bugdet. he has also received pretty good reviews for cosmopolis. i like both rob and kristen. some of their movies i like, others i do not. i liked kristen in welcome to the rileys, and am looking foward seeing her in on the road, but i did not like snow white. i liked rob in water for elephants, and am looking foward to seeing cosmopolis, but i did not like bel-ami. my thing is they are young, and they have plenty of time to find their footing. rob especially, because many actors don't reach the height of their careers till their 30's. i am not however, going to trash them because hating twilight is the "cool" thing to do. i didn't like twilight, but that doesn't stop me from seeing their movies.

      • Natalie says:

        Actually he was not trashed for Remember Me, the movie got trashed if you want to put it this way, but not him. As for Cosmopolis, he got excellent reviews, even better than the movie itself. And he is magnetic in it.

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:


  • k says:

    well i thought he did a great job in cosmopolis, even though it wasn't my favorite cronenberg film. i haven't really seen him in anything else, but i will admit when someone does a good job in a movie. he is too young anyway. he might be one of those actors that get better as they age.if he keeps doing movies like cosmopolis, and works with directors like cronenberg then he will find his place no problem.

    • Jack says:

      Exactly. Give him some time to develop. Not a fan, but I find it interesting how some people are so quick to write him off. Cronenberg obviously saw something there.

  • joya says:

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  • Ha! Consider the source: The Sun.

    Anyway, RP should go for comedic roles.

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