LOL: Miley Cyrus Bomb Makes $440 Per Screen

Miley Cyrus LOL

So Lionsgate quietly — like, very quietly — released its long-shelved Miley Cyrus "comedy" LOL into 105 theaters over the weekend. Director Lisa Azuelos's English-language remake of her own French hit from 2008 suffered for it, too, grossing a total of just $46,500 — less overall than The Avengers made per screen.

LOL's $440-per-theater average is by far the lowest of Cyrus's career and something of a fork in the road for the young star, who must now decide if she wants to spend the next five years before she inevitably poses for Playboy either chasing down increasingly elusive theatrical opportunities like "Snack-Bar Girl #3" in the next Kevin James film or signing a stable four-picture deal with Hallmark Channel or... whatever else is out there. Critics weren't kind, either. "That Lionsgate gave this star vehicle such a half-hearted theatrical dump May 4," wrote Variety critic Joe Leydon, "speaks volumes about the dimmed wattage of toplined Miley Cyrus, whose charisma-free performance may in turn serve as a cautionary example for teen pop phenoms seeking to break out into 'mature' screen roles."

Meanwhile, Cyrus was introspective today on Twitter:

No worries, Miley! Your friends in the Occupy movement are surely happy to see you've moved beyond mere dollars and cents. Surely you've got Hollywood right where you want it.

[Movie City News via Yahoo!]

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  • Luke Murray says:

    'Miley who must now decide if she wants to spend the next five years before she inevitably poses for Playboy either chasing down increasingly elusive theatrical opportunities like "Snack-Bar Girl #3"'

    Between that and the "LOL" of the title, the is really, really mean spirited article. Couldn't have less interest in the career of Miley Cyrus, I'm not her demographic, but I am aware that she's a reasonably young woman and shouldn't be publicly berated for a massive failure.

    Tell me S.T. Vanairsdale, what is it you have against Ms. Cyrus? Do you hate her output (aimed at pre-teens) so much that you feel the need to spew repugnant dreck about her? Please reply, I'd like to know.

  • Stan says:

    What did everyone expect. When you only release a movie in 7 cities on what like 100 screens. If her movie had been release in more cities and more screens it may have had a chance to recover at least it's production cost. I blame everyone, including Miley, however most of the blame goes to all the haters who have spent the last 2 years bashing Miley because of how she dresses and what she does in her private life, than posting about all the charites and good she does. The result is Lionsgate became afraid to give the film a broad release on a weekend that had no other major releases going on. Let get real, releasing this film on the same weekend as Avengers way a kiss of death. Avengers pulled in more money than all the other films in release this weekend combined. Miley's movie never had a chance. You are a hater so keep you opinions to yourself and post the truth in your blog, not your biased opinion.

  • Mike S says:

    Not only that but does any movie stand a chance opening on the same day as every overweight, comic book virgin nerd's wet dream The Avengers? I've only seen one commercial and I already dislike it.

  • Michael Hovey says:

    I had been eagerly looking forward to seeing this movie for almost 2 years now and I definitely would have if one of the 7 cities had been Bakersfield, CA, but since it never got here I sadly didn't, and that pisses me off to no end.

  • 2+2=5 says:

    Teenage girls: who is this old woman?

  • Brieftaube says:

    Come on, people! Miley Cyrus is not a nice "girl" or "teenager" or "woman" to look at. She is not pretty. Her voice is harsh and unfriendly in that movie. She is not pleasant to watch in any other role than Hannah! Sorry, but I suffered through the trailer and never would go see a movie with her. I just guess that many people feel like that.

  • Ashley says:

    Stop being so mean. I just watched LOL last night and Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore were perfect for the movie.

  • Aria says:

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