WATCH: In Russia, New 'A Good Day To Die Hard' Trailer Watches You

The best thing about the Die Hard Franchise (aside from the almost-perfect, couch-destroying original of course,) is the fact that when it comes to bad puns, these people have no shame. Die Hard 2: Die Harder; Die Hard With A Vengeance; Live Free or Die Hard. Brilliance. I can't wait for Live Together Or Die Hard Alone, Live And Let Die Hard, Cowards Die Hard Many Times, and the teen spinoff I Am So Embarrassed I Could Just Die Hard.

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Anyway, before we get to those inevitable classics, we first must get past the upcoming 5th installment in the never-ending story of cowboy cop John McClane, A Good Day To Die Hard. AGDTDH finds McClane going to Moscow just in time for a gigantic outbreak of terrorist violence, courtesy of an oily Russian who apparently just hates America a lot (boooo!).

Conveniently, McClane's son happens to be there, and also happens to be an American spy, so naturally the two of them team up to put the kibosh on the terrorist's plans. The third trailer is out now, and yep, it is explodey.

Yeah, buildings are damaged, wisecracks are made, and Ode To Joy returns as McClane's theme song. But there's no hint of yippie-kay-yay in this trailer, and that is in and of itself a miracle. Not as miraculous as the idea that McClane and his son wouldn't be flattened into bloody wet pancakes when they fall into water like that, but a miracle nonetheless.

A Good Day To Die Hard opens on Valentine's Day.

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