20 Alternate Titles For the Sure-to-be-Renamed Die Hard 5

During a recent interview, Bruce Willis let the cat out of the bag that a script for a fifth Die Hard film is complete. Considering that the fourth film, Live Free or Die Hard -- a play on New Hampshire's state motto coined by General John Stark -- broke free of the template forged by the two earlier sequels, Die Harder and Die Hard with a Vengeance, the fifth film could really be called, well, anything. Ahead, Movieline offers Fox 20 title suggestions for the fifth Die Hard film. You're welcome.

(Yes, we're reusing a couple from yesterday and, of course, your suggestions are welcome)

Early to Bed and Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Die Hard

Only Those Who Dare to Fail Greatly Can Ever Die Hard

Die Hard or Die Trying

Die Hard Five For Fighting

An Eye for Eye Only Ends up Making the Whole World Die Hard

Speak Softly and Die Hard

Die Hard 5: The Dark of the Moon

Live and Let Die Hard

Funny or Die Hard

Die Hard 5: Viva Rock Vegas


Venus Lowering

Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Die Hard

Love Means Never Having to Die Hard

Die Hard: The Curse of the Black Pearl

National Lampoon's Christmas Die Hard: Hans Gruber's Island Adventure

The First Girl Scout

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep; if I Die Hard Before I Wake, I Pray for God my Soul to Take

John Tucker Must Die Hard

Hudson Hawk 2