Carrie Fisher Gives Her Vision For Princess Leia In New 'Star Wars'

Carrie Fisher Princess LeiaCarrie Fisher, aka Princess Leia, came out from under the heavens giving her hilariously light-hearted thoughts on the future of Star Wars and whatever came of Leia and Han Solo. Episode VII writer-apparent, Michael Arndt may want to take a peek at what Her Celestial Highness has to say about the character she first brought to the Galaxies, way back in the late '70s, and a tidbit or two on where to go from here.

One thing for sure, given the recent sale of Lucasfilm to that big time studio that asks its fans to Wish Upon a Star, Fisher knows her place.

"I'm now a Disney Princess," she said on CBS' The Talk to laughter from the show's hosts and the live audience Wednesday. "She's never been gone. She's been with me forever."

Arndt may have other ideas, but Fisher apparently sees Leia as married to you-know-who, but she would not be a domestic sort of spouse.

"I like the idea of being Mrs. Solo and we just fought and fought and I killed him," she joked.

And perhaps alluding to a raging controversy today right here back on earth, Fisher offered up: "I probably even had an affair with some General."

Fisher and Luke Skywalker co-star Mark Hamill first learned of creator George Lucas' intent to continue the Star Wars saga last summer, after the celluloid siblings had lunch with him. Said Hamill: "…When he said, 'We decided we’re going to do Episodes VII, VIII, and IX,' I was just gobsmacked. 'What? Are you nuts?!' [laughs] I can see both sides of it. Because in a way, there was a beginning, a middle, and an end and we all lived happily ever after and that’s the way it should be…"

Fisher did not hint at a return on The Talk, but after giving her two-cents on what might come next, she talked about her earthly mother, Debbie Reynolds, who recently was released from a hospital. "She's fine," she said, adding some details about some risqué banter she had with her 80 year-old mother after meeting with a doctor.

Check out the clip from the show below:

[Source: TV Guide]


  • joe says:

    No Ford, no fisher, no hamel, no dark vader - Start with a blank slate and create something truly orginal. If it sucks than at least they can say they didn't have to shoe horn every reference from the first 6 films.