WATCH: Sam Rockwell & Company Shoot The Shih Tzu On Seven Psychopaths Red Carpet

Sam Rockwell joined writer/director Martin McDonagh and others for a special screening of Seven Psychopaths, hosted by The Cinema Society along with Hugo Boss and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum.  And what gangster doesn't enjoy watching a movie in his best suit while nursing a choice drink?

And why are all these gangsters in the flick so dog happy?  McDonagh cheekily claims he was inspired to make a canine-themed movie after seeing all the accolades Uggie got last year in The Artist!

Check out the video below to hear the cast's thoughts on man's best friend, what made McDonagh think Colin Farrell would be a good comedian all the way back when they did his first feature In Bruges, and how Rockwell liked running with the crazy crowd....

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