Bond Girls: 10 Little Known Facts About 007's Femme Fatales

007 Bond Girls

While the internet is loaded with glamour shots of Bond ladies from Ursula Andress to Michelle Yeoh, these women are more than mere pin-ups. Indeed, here are some oddball facts about the women in James Bond's life that ought to do you well at a dinner party — provided, of course, that you don't order red wine with fish.

Britt Ekland BondSpeaking of Britt Ekland (and after looking at these photos, believe me, I'll be speaking about her a lot) that's her moaning in French at the end of then-boyfriend Rod Stewart's “Tonight's The Night.” Ekland, the former wife of Peter Sellers, is actually Swedish, but if she says she's gonna whisper in French on your record, I don't think you tell her no.

Barbara Bach BondI think most of us know that The Spy Who Loved Me's Barbara Bach is married to Ringo Starr. But did we know she was a nice Jewish girl from Queens?!? This, I did not know. Other rock and roll connections: her sister Marjorie (who also changed her last name from Goldenbach to just “Bach”) is married to Joe Walsh!

Xenia Onatopp BondBond Girls are known for their wonderful names. Pussy Galore, Dr. Holly Goodhead and Plenty O'Toole are ones that instantly spring to mind. Few, however, top Dutch actress Famke Janssen's character from Goldeneye, the villainous Xenia Onatopp. While Janssen is well known for modeling and the X-Men and Taken movies, never forget that her big break came opposite Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the United Federation of Planets' flagship Galaxy-class starship known as the USS Enterprise (designation NCC-1701-D.)

On the fifth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation she played a Kriosian empathic metamorph (with Trill-like spots) and she fell hard in love with the Captain. (Who wouldn't?!!) The Trek producers offered her the role of Jadzia Dax in the spin-off series Deep Space Nine which she foolishly turned down.

Rosa Klebb BondWhile not technically a Bond Girl (although beauty is in the shot and bleeding eye of the beholder!) let's wrap this up with one of the stranger bits of 007 trivia. The second Bond film, From Russia With Love, features the great, dour, redheaded, implied lesbian villainess Rosa Klebb. You know, the one with the razor in her shoe. She was played by the legend of the Mittel-European stage Lotte Lenya, who originated the role of Jenny Diver in her then-husband Kurt Weill's musical The Threepenny Opera. You've heard her name seven hundred thousand times because it was added into a new verse of lyrics of “Mack the Knife” by Louis Armstrong, which Bobby Darin copied making it the “official” version of the song.

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  • Pete says:

    Your forgot Eunice Gayso a.k.a. Sylvia Trench who was in the very first 2 bond movies staring Sean Connery; Dr. No and From Russia With Love... very pretty woman!

  • SD says:

    Back in the day a Bus Conductor was the person who went around and checked for your ticket or sold you one. This was before you paid as you entered.

  • rbbrittain says:

    I almost posted Eunice Gayson too. The slight difference between her and Maud Adams? Gayson played the same character (Sylvia Trench) in both DN & FRWL; Adams played two DIFFERENT characters (Andrea Anders in TMTWGG, the title character in Octopu$$y).

    Incidentally, Adams also appeared as an uncredited crowd member in A View to a Kill, making her the only Bond girl to appear in THREE different Bond films. The only other women to appear in more Bond films are Lois Maxwell (the original Moneypenny, 14 films), Judi Dench (Brosnan's & Craig's M, 7 films thru Skyfall), and Samantha Bond (Brosnan's Moneypenny, 4 films).

  • Sarah says:

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