Bond Girls: 10 Little Known Facts About 007's Femme Fatales

007 Bond Girls

Alluring. International. Deadly. The so-called Bond Girls are, let's face it, the fetish objects the producers hope will keep us coming back to the 007 pictures. (After the watches — the sweet, sweet watches.)

While the internet is loaded with glamour shots of Bond ladies from Ursula Andress to Michelle Yeoh, these women are more than mere pin-ups. Indeed, here are some oddball facts about the women in James Bond's life that ought to do you well at a dinner party — provided, of course, that you don't order red wine with fish.

Ursula Andress BondUrsula Andress, the ur-Bond Girl (and not just because it is a pun), became an instant screen icon when she emerged from the Caribbean in her white bikini holding... something, I dunno, I never focused on her hands. But did this Swiss ingenue show any gratitude to the official EON James Bond productions? No! Just a few years after her debut as Honey Ryder in Dr. No she turned around and appeared in a legal loophole “unofficial” James Bond production, 1967's Casino Royale.

Daniela Bianchi BondAndress wasn't the only one to make a mockery of her Bond Girl status. The woman who played Tatiana Romanova in From Russia With Love, Daniela Bianchi (who came from the Russian section of Italy, apparently), took part in the mockery known as OK Connery, also known as Operation Kid Brother. In it, Neil (brother of Sean) Connery plays a spy called-up as a replacement when his big brother isn't available. The movie has never been released on DVD.

Bond Mie HamaMie Hama, who played Kissy Suzuki in You Only Live Twice, is notable for what she did before being a Bond Girl. Prior to Hama, most of the women were European models or aspiring actresses who managed to marry well. Hama was a bus conductor. I'm not even 100% sure what a bus conductor is, but I can totally picture her in her native Japan being constructive and forward in modern society. And probably wearing a sharp outfit.

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  • Pete says:

    Your forgot Eunice Gayso a.k.a. Sylvia Trench who was in the very first 2 bond movies staring Sean Connery; Dr. No and From Russia With Love... very pretty woman!

  • SD says:

    Back in the day a Bus Conductor was the person who went around and checked for your ticket or sold you one. This was before you paid as you entered.

  • rbbrittain says:

    I almost posted Eunice Gayson too. The slight difference between her and Maud Adams? Gayson played the same character (Sylvia Trench) in both DN & FRWL; Adams played two DIFFERENT characters (Andrea Anders in TMTWGG, the title character in Octopu$$y).

    Incidentally, Adams also appeared as an uncredited crowd member in A View to a Kill, making her the only Bond girl to appear in THREE different Bond films. The only other women to appear in more Bond films are Lois Maxwell (the original Moneypenny, 14 films), Judi Dench (Brosnan's & Craig's M, 7 films thru Skyfall), and Samantha Bond (Brosnan's Moneypenny, 4 films).

  • Sarah says:

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