Bond Girls: 10 Little Known Facts About 007's Femme Fatales

007 Bond Girls

While the internet is loaded with glamour shots of Bond ladies from Ursula Andress to Michelle Yeoh, these women are more than mere pin-ups. Indeed, here are some oddball facts about the women in James Bond's life that ought to do you well at a dinner party — provided, of course, that you don't order red wine with fish.

Ruby Bartlett BondNo one said all of these were going to be fun. Remember Ruby Bartlett, the fun loving Yorkshire gal who wrote her room number in lipstick on George Lazenby's inner thigh in On Her Majesty's Secret Service? (You don't? See that movie again.) Anyway, the woman who played her, Angela Scoular, lost a lifelong battle with depression in 2011. She did herself in, however, in just about the most horrible way you can imagine — by dousing herself and ingesting acidic drain cleaner.

Tiffany Case Bond“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” That famous quote belongs to Henry Kissinger and, man, he ought to know. This mumbling, downright cloddish policy wonk somehow managed to get Diamonds Are Forever's Tiffany Case (played by Jill St. John) to grant him the most high level of security access. Think about that next time you tune in to Meet the Press.

Maud Adams BondMaud Adams has the distinction of being the only woman to play a Bond Girl twice. In The Man With the Golden Gun (which also featured Bond Girl Britt Ekland) she plays Christopher Lee's kept woman, and in Octopussy she plays “Octopussy,” and the more I leave to your imagination about why she's called that the better.

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  • Pete says:

    Your forgot Eunice Gayso a.k.a. Sylvia Trench who was in the very first 2 bond movies staring Sean Connery; Dr. No and From Russia With Love... very pretty woman!

  • SD says:

    Back in the day a Bus Conductor was the person who went around and checked for your ticket or sold you one. This was before you paid as you entered.

  • rbbrittain says:

    I almost posted Eunice Gayson too. The slight difference between her and Maud Adams? Gayson played the same character (Sylvia Trench) in both DN & FRWL; Adams played two DIFFERENT characters (Andrea Anders in TMTWGG, the title character in Octopu$$y).

    Incidentally, Adams also appeared as an uncredited crowd member in A View to a Kill, making her the only Bond girl to appear in THREE different Bond films. The only other women to appear in more Bond films are Lois Maxwell (the original Moneypenny, 14 films), Judi Dench (Brosnan's & Craig's M, 7 films thru Skyfall), and Samantha Bond (Brosnan's Moneypenny, 4 films).

  • Sarah says:

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