New Details Leak (D'Oh!) On That Black Goo In Prometheus


Ridley Scott knows how to keep the world talking about Prometheus. With the release of the film on Blu-Ray and DVD on Tuesday, much of the conversation about this very engaging movie has centered on how earlier versions of the script were more closely connected to the Alien franchise. (Facehuggers, chestbursters and xenomorphs, oh my!)  But a new infographic that's getting attention on the web puts the spotlight on the weaponized black goo that's stored on the Engineers' space ship. 

prometheus-black-gooFirst reported that the goo-graphic was posted on the @Prometheus Twitter account and on the movie's Facebook page, and that its contents were being pored over at Reddit.  The infographic, which bears the Weyland Corporation's logo, appears to track the effects that the goo, which is identified as "Chemical A0-3959X.91-15,  has not only on subjects who inhale it and ingest it, but on entire planets — labeled "Alpha" and "Gamma" — that are exposed to it.

The good news: The goo produces "sexual arousal" one to nine hours after ingestion, which means that the victim has a day or so to get busy before he or she suffers from "DNA Disintegration" in the 37-50 hour window.

The bad news:  If I'm reading this infographic correctly — and the "Biohazard_Alert" notice tacked onto the bottom of the Test Planet Gamma results suggest that I am — the substance took only "5-6 lunar months" to eradicate 100-percent of the Guinea-pig planet's sentient lifeforms.

Sounds like it's time to stop having nightmares about facehuggers and xenomorphs and start fearing the goo.

Check out the  infographic and tell us what you think they mean. [First]

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  • RobThom says:

    That doesn't make any sense.
    (go figure.)

    Besides just being stupid.
    (Sexual arousal?!)

    If you get the fifield treatment from inhaling it,
    why didn't everybody in the oozing goo room with their helmets off turn into fifields?

    This prometheus franchise is still-born as far as any sort of realistic or decent sci-fi,
    because you cant justify any of lindelofs horrendous writing without MORE ABSURD GIBBERISH!

    There is just no way to pick up were lindelof left off intelligently.

    Although the franchise CAN go on since there is apparently still a viable audience for stupid movies that masquerade as intellectual movies for people who cant tell the difference.

  • Heels Girl says:

    This can indicate that a watch has spent some or all of its life inside the tropics and was not serviced as regularly as it need to have been.