Snakes On A Boat! Noah Cinematographer Libatique Tweets First Look Inside Aronofsky's Ark

Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah': First Look Inside the Ark

After scoping out Noah cinematographer Matthew Libatique's dark-but-revealing shot of the interior of the title character's reptile-laden ark, I find myself praying for a cameo by Samuel L. Jackson in which he lives long enough to say, "I have had it with these mother-fucking snakes on this mother-fucking ark."   Libatique, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work on Black Swan, tweeted the photo on Tuesday, along with the line: "Pre lighting on the holiest day of the year," an apparent reference to Yom Kippur. 

The photo appears to prove that Aronofsky won't be following the part of the Book-of-Genesis story that says the pre-Flood Patriarch brought — depending on which interpretation you believe — at most seven pairs, male and female, of each animal on the planet. ("Unclean" creatures were limited to a single pair, and given the snake's role in the fall of Adam and Eve — you know, the story where seeking and acquiring knowledge is deemed a really bad thing — I'm presuming snakes fell into that category.) By the way, according to one Biblical parsing  I found on the net, the animals agreed not to procreate on the boat. Apparently, they did not have a strong union at the time.

'Noah' -- First Shot Inside Darren Aronofsky's ArkThen again, this is not your Father Flanagan's Noahjudging from the graphic novel series, Noah, For The Cruelty of Men, that Aronofsky created with executive producer Ari Handel and artist Niko Henrichon to help sell the film. If the movie follows the comic, Russell Crowe, who plays the title character, will be doing battle with such exotic creatures as "Watchers," 11-foot fallen angels that have no wings but six arms. Here in New York, we call them panhandlers.

Anthony Hopkins has been cast as Noah's 900-year-old father Methuselah and Jennifer Connelly (who is welcome on our ark any time), Emma Watson, Ray Winstone and Logan Leman will co-star.

And, with a little help from Above, Samuel L. Jackson!

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  • ME!! says:

    You know, Frank, just because you don't believe what the Bible says doesn't mean you have to mock it or those who do. It doesn't make you better or "cooler" than them, it makes you smaller and far less likeable.

    • Frank DiGiacomo says:

      Dear Me!! You may be right!!

    • Defaithed says:

      Amen! Just because there's a book about a Jewish carpenter who was the son of a magic sky fairy and who was executed and rose from the dead three days later so he can send us to burn in the underworld for all eternity if we don't telepathically accept him as our master because we're all descended from a rib woman (via the incestuous couplings of her eight descendants who had a special animal boat) who was was tricked by a talking snake into eating magic fruit a very long time ago... doesn't mean you need to mock the book, or those who say "Uh huh, it did so really happen!"

      Jebus H Christ, Frank. Where are your manners?

  • Mr Cobb says:

    Actually they are being made to mock the Christians and the bible by God. This is because- though the bible is 100% true- this thing men call "Christianity" is complete ignorace (the bible calls it "The Great Confusion") and is not a true representation of the understanding at all- but is a mockery of truth founded not in the understanding of the truth but in the false teachings perpetrated on the world by "Christianity" which is really just a network of social clicks professing belief in Jesus Christ but not really caring to read the bible itself to find out if what they are being taught is true.

    The unbelievers are at the mercy of the "Christian preachers" to formulate their understanding of what the bible is saying; and since the things the "Christian preachers" are saying is so clearly contradictory to reality and repugnant to moral justice (i.e. your going to burn in literal fire forever unless you give us money and believe our lies- read CONTROL) they have no other recourse but to not believe what they are hearing and mock the understanding.

    In effect, the unbelievers are right to reject and ridicule "Christianity" and its "message from the bible" and are specifically made by God to do just that. In essence, God Himself is mocking "Christianity" through them. It's only when God- at the appointed time- destroys "Christianity" once and for all, and the Christian preachers' mouths are stopped, that the people of the world will actually have a chance to gain any understanding at all.

    In the end, everyone is going to be just fine, and ignorance (read- man-made "Christianity) is going to be eradicated in the fire of truth. Hang tight, the true Body of Christ is very small but they're going to crush this false image of Christ perpetrated on the world for centuries by those men misrepresenting Christ to the world through their unscrupulous and nonsensical traditions which twist the Word of God into a hammer with which to strike the people. Fret not, sleepers; we're here to end this nightmare and break you into the real world where everything is going to be great for everyone. We're going to have to send some fire in the earth, and worlds are going to burn- but that's just the nature of refining gold.

    By the way; looking forward to the movie. If we make it that far without the signal going off. Which more than likely won't be the case.

  • Reagan says:

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