First Look at Russell Crowe As Noah in Darren Aronofsky's Bad-Ass, Not-Strictly-Biblical Tale

Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah': First Look Inside the Ark

This is not your mother's Noah.  A first look at actor Russell Crowe as the grizzled title character in Darren Aronofsky's Noah has surfaced, and it's not what you'd expect.  As reports, Crowe: "looks like a Mad Max out of the depths of time" and lives in a hostile world where "pity has no place."

Russell-Crowe-Noah-photo-Darren-AronofskyAronofsky's film — which has an expected 2014 release date — does seem to jibe with the Biblical tale of Noah and his famous ark on one key point. According to  Noah "is subject to visions which announce the imminent end of the earth," which will be devastated by "the waves of an endless deluge."

Fan boys take note: Judging from the graphic novel series, Noah, For The Cruelty of Men, that Aronofsky created with executive producer Ari Handel and artist Niko Henrichon to help sell the film, Crowe's character will be doing battle with some monstrous creatures.

Hitfix writer Drew McWeeny reports that Noah's opponents will include "Watchers," 11-foot fallen angels have no wings but six arms.

McWeeny also revealed that Anthony Hopkins has been cast as Noah's 900-year-old father Methuselah and that Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Ray Winstone and Logan Leman will co-star.  George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic will provide the CGI movie magic.

"This isn't a historical period piece," writes. "Noah's is a story that exists outside of what we know to be, which sounds almost like a Stephen King/The Dark Tower, 'the world has moved on' type post-apocalyptic scenario. It may not even be Earthly, it's all just a vehicle for the Noah metaphor".

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  • MimiB says:

    Not as one would expect? What is Noah supposed to look like... fairy dust and satin? He's from an ancient time... a tiller of the soil and a boat builder. Crowe looks magnificent.

  • heathstarkey123 says:

    So this is not historical? So he is taking an actual historic event, and twisting it into a Stephen king type novel? I'm confused. These ate historical events that took place, but now there will now be monsters that Noah battles? Not liking the sound of this already. So he is doing what they did with Abraham Lincoln and turned him into a vampire slayer like Buffy? Lincoln is one thing, but messing with historical events from the Bible, I draw the line.

    • gdl says:

      Historical events???

    • 2+2=5 says:

      lol, not sure if just trolling or actual moron.

      • heathstarkey123 says:

        Excuse me? Trolling? A Moron? Number one son, you need to watch your mouth. You are apparently one if these internet tuff guys. Talk big in the safety of your mommies basement. Number two, the director just said in the article this is not a historical period piece. Therefore, pudding, he acknowledges this is in fact, a historical event. My comment was starting the fact that I am not onboard with changing stories from the Bible to make them superheroes, or monster slayers.

        • 2+2=5 says:

          wow, still not sure, but probably moron.

        • heathstarkey123 says:

          Sorry for my insults, i'm only human. My apologies. If you are a non believer, that's your choice brother. I'm not here to push my beliefs on anybody, but I openly share them with everybody. To insult me based on what I find in entertainment value isn't cool.if you want to see Noah battling monsters that's your business. I'm entitled to my opinion, which is, I find it disrespectful to take an historic, biblical event, and leave out the fact that God himself told Noah to build the ark, and have him battling imaginary monsters. If that's what you are into, that's your business. But that's how I look at it. These are public forums for anyone to leave a comment of their choice on the movie. That was mine. Peace be with you.

          • j'accuse! says:

            How do you know Noah didn't battle monsters? There's no part of the Bible that says that he didn't battle monsters. Think about it...

          • heathstarkey123 says:

            Haha, ok, fine. I can deal with the monsters. the only thing that actually bothers me about the movie is that the director says he is plagued by horrible visions and that's why he builds the arc. I can deal with that too as long as it was clear that the visions were given to him by God. The measurements were given to him by God at the least. I'm just saying, i've been do stoked about this movie, you have no idea. But to cut God's place in the story completely out sucks to me. Badly. Being an event from the Bible, I personally want it to stay true as to why the event took place to begin with. that's all i'm saying.

          • j'accuse! says:

            Fascinating. When I talk to evangelicals I know today, and they say that God told them to do something, I ask them if they heard God's voice. They say no. Did they see God? They say no. They usually just say they had a dream, a vision or a feeling and they attribute it to God. There's no booming voice from the sky, just a vision, a feeling or a dream.

          • heathstarkey123 says:

            Yea, but the point of this whole thing was that the director said, this is not a biblical take. This is not going to be an historic piece. I said I have a problem with that. You don't have a problem with that? Fine, that's you, that's you're choice. I do. Period. I find it disrespectful to take an historical event from the Bible and cut out the fact it was centered around God. That's me, that's my choice. This is a public forum for everyone and anyone to leave an opinion pertaining to the movie. This is mine.

          • j'accuse! says:

            Wow. Thanks for spelling it out for the rest of this is a pulic forum and people can hold forth as they wish. I'm telling's a revelation. Because...before...I was thinking that this wasn't a public forum...and I wasn't sure if your professed opinions were in fact your own. Now...I know. Mind officially Blown.

          • heathstarkey123 says:

            I did not blow your mind....but that shit happens....all the time! Haha! ~ jack black/pick of destiny

    • heathstarkey123 says:

      Yes, historical events. I said that clearly.don't tell me you are one of those trekki's that believe we evolved from a single cell in a primordial soup, haha! Let me ask you, lol, then these cells, in order to thrive, would have been a sexual, spontaneous reproduction based on energy from food intake. Based on natural selection, what would these cells have to gain from "evolving" to sexual reproduction? Haha! A sexual reproduction is a flawless chemical processes that turns energy into a catalyst to self replicate. Sexual reproduction is extremely flawed, hit or miss, and began an onset of disease. Where did they benefit? Also, they transitioning DNA, where did it come From? Natural selection says a species takes the"best" qualities, and dumps the ones not needed, where exactly dies this new information come from? Haha, you little trekki's! Silly guys!

      • Ty Johnson says:

        But you are saying that one omnipotent being playing with his ant farm theory is a better theory??? I think that settles it , a Moron.

        • heathstarkey123 says:

          I'll pray for you. I pray that you find truth. I pray that your heart is softened, and you find Faith in Christ Jesus. I say this my brother because going to heaven is a choice, we damn ourselves. As of right now you are making the choice not to return to your home. Our Father is patiently waiting for us.

          • whoa123 says:

            He may be waiting, but apparently, he might also have some 6 armed monsters waiting with him.

  • heathstarkey123 says:

    Haha, now aronofsky is calling it a biblical piece. Crazy, he probably read my posts.

    • j'accuse! says:

      Naturally, of course he read your posts. He's been wondering what some random yahoo on the internets thinks...and he's altered his behaviour accordingly. Congrats.

  • {Lindsay says:

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  • chhad whitstine says:

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    Better get ready. Shalom.

  • Mackenzie says:

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