James Franco Sued For Defaming Ex-NYU Professor Who Failed Him

James Franco LawsuitJames Franco may be Hollywood's most accomplished, out there polyglot, but one former professor isn't too happy with how the Oscar nominee has spoken publicly of his time as a film student at NYU. José Angel Santana, who was fired in 2011, filed a lawsuit against the actor for calling him "awful" and a "bad teacher" while doing the press rounds for The Broken Tower. “Whoever was in Clint Eastwood’s chair at the Republican National Convention was more present than Mr. Franco was in my classes,” Santana told the NY Post. Oh snap did he just make a Clint RNC chair joke??

I mean, Franco only missed 12 out of 14 classes. Did that really warrant a "D" grade? (Eh, it probably deserved an "F." Then again I'm no college professor. OH, BUT GUESS WHO IS? ) Franco supposedly skipped out on Santana's classes to go give an Academy Award-nominated performance in 127 Hours for Danny Boyle, so I guess that worked out pretty well for him.

Stay tuned to see how this one pans out...

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