Now James Franco Has His Own College Course

JamesFrancoActorsStudio225.jpgIf you were worried before that James Franco might be a tad overexposed (or at least overextended), this won't reassure you: The actor-filmmaker-soap star-Oscar host-Sundance terror has joined forces with Columbia College Hollywood to create a new course for film students -- based on his life.

According to a press release just over the wire at ML HQ, the recently minted Oscar nominee will be actively involved in the course, and if everything goes according to plan, we'll have a new Franco biography sometime this summer, and possibly several more for months and years to come:

Academy Award-nominated actor James Franco has partnered with Columbia College Hollywood to offer an innovative course through which 12 of the private film school's best editing students will create a 30 minute documentary film from videographic footage from Mr. Franco's own unorthodox career.

Mr. Franco's frequent collaborator editor and Tyler Danna is teaching the course, which has been entitled Master Class: Editing James Franco...with James Franco. Mr. Franco is providing the footage - much of it from behind the scenes on short films he has directed - and the conception for the course and will speak to the students weekly via live feed (Skype) and attend class the weekly class sessions when his schedule allows. The student editors will seek to create a cinematic image of James Franco through the footage. [...]

Master Class: Editing James Franco...with James Franco meets on Thursday afternoons weekly. As conceived by Mr. Franco and Mr. Danna, the class sessions themselves will be taped and be part of the final film created by the class or another project.

There is the potential to carry the class forward with 12 different editors in the spring quarter and beyond as the film project continues.

Fascinating! Just as long as it includes this crucial footage, it should be a hit.


  • G says:

    I am so sick of Franco that I couldn't even finish reading this press release.

  • skimpyshorts says:

    I second that.

  • Kris says:

    "Mr. Franco’s frequent collaborator editor and Tyler Danna"
    I hope that Franco didn't write the press release himself, as he's paid enough money to have been taught to not make errors like that, or at least how to proof read.

  • Paul says:

    Look, I like Franco. He's a talented actor, but I am sick of his egoist tendencies.
    I respect that he likes to keep busy but he's becoming a bit of a self centered blowhard. The short films he's made have been self indulgent. His comments bemoaning the lack of quality independent films at Sundance was insulting. Perhaps this is all part of some grander project he's making that is mocking celebrity (I mean his brother is going to get a feature made about Thanksgiving at the Franco household? F that) but somehow I doubt it. I think he just needs to stop drinking his won Kool-aid.

  • Just wait till a puppeteer discovers a way into Franco's brain. Being James Franco will be bigger than ever.

  • Michael Moriarty says:

    I worked with James Franco as his father in the James Dean Story.
    He's a profoundly committed artist who knows, as many do NOT know -- I certainly didn't -- what it takes to become and remain a Hollywood Movie Star.
    He is no more ambitious nor less talented than Tom Cruise.
    Please allow him his career with a decent respect for the insanely competitive nature of Hollywood stardom.
    God Bless,
    Michael Moriarty

  • Isn't it a bit early to have a class on Franco? Even less given by himself.'s also a way to insure your own legacy, to take on yourself to weave into the Academy.