Lizzy Caplan As She-Hulk? Actress Considers A Marvel Superhero Future — Alongside a Familiar Party Down Co-Star

Lizzy Caplan Avengers

Scarlett Johansson might have some competition from Lizzy Caplan in the Avengers world.

Although the short film Item 47, which stars Caplan, hasn't officially debuted yet — it's one of the many Avengers Blu-ray extras, due out September 25 — the actress had fun riffing on the possibilities if her appearance in the one-shot  S.H.I.E.L.D adventure could lead to to her suiting up as a Marvel superheroine.

"Well, I can definitely foresee Marvel not only asking me to be the star of one of their action movies from that short, but also [asking me] to cast the other people in the movie,” Caplan coyly replied during an interview for her latest picture, Bachelorette. “So I've been thinking about this a lot, and I think we would be...” she trailed off before turning to Bachelorette (and former Party Down) co-star, Adam Scott, for assistance.

“I need to think of some Marvel character...” she whispered with a laugh, before adding enthusiastically, “Adam would be the She-Hulk, and I would just be a regular person!”

Her response suggests that in any future Marvel projects she would just be playing her Item 47 character, Claire, a human who (with Jesse Bradford) comes across an extraterrestrial weapon and goes on a crime spree — only battling a superhero instead of holding up banks. However, given her natural quick wit and the image of her toting a Chitauri gun in Item 47, we could envision her fitting right in with Iron Man & Co.

Think about it — how fantastic would it be to see Caplan and Robert Downey Jr. play off of each other? Since Caplan is already (literally) in the door at S.H.I.E.L.D., they could have her suited up and smashing box offices across the country in no time.

But until Marvel makes a decision, Caplan is planning to make a grand entrance in Pawnee, Ind.

“I think she would be great on [Parks and Recreation],” Scott said, Caplan quickly interrupting him: “As She-Hulk!”

And, of course, Movieline had to suggest that he would run into the superhero when his character, Ben Wyatt, heads to D.C. for a new job.

“I mean, spoiler alert: I know for sure The Hulk is going to be a big part of this upcoming season,” Scott said with a laugh. “She-Hulk, I'm not totally sure about, but we can look into it.”

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  • David says:

    There's a very simple reason that the two characters from "Item 47" can make the weapon work but no one else can...they're KREE. How else are you going to introduce Ms. Marvel?