WATCH: Bane Destroys Basically Everything In Latest Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises trailer

WB has delivered a final-final trailer in advance of The Dark Knight Rises' July 20 debut, filled with more explosions and Bane-shots than ever before! Watch as Tom Hardy hangs by his fingertips to an airplane seat, cool as a cucumber, as chaos erupts around him. Listen as he (almost-intelligibly, even!) calls out Bruce Wayne/Batman before tossing our hero's broken mask to the ground on his way to lunch. It's all in a day's work for Hardy's Bane, who's come to Gotham City to kick ass and chew, uh, scenery with frail Christian Bale and catty Anne Hathaway. And guess what he's run out of? Ass! No, wait. The other way around.

I kid, I kid. Bane has turned into the reason to see The Dark Knight Rises (other than the fact that it's The Dark Knight Rises) and it all looks so deliciously destructive, I can't wait.

The Dark Knight Rises will inspire Bat-graffiti and ignite rising fires in your geek pants on July 20.