It's Official: Francis Lawrence to Direct Catching Fire

Francis Lawrence

Roughly two weeks after Gary Ross's departure from and Francis Lawrence's rumored attachment to Catching Fire, Lionsgate has officially announced Lawrence as its man to direct its mega-anticipated Hunger Games sequel.

“From the very beginning of this brilliant trilogy's journey from page to screen, our first priority has been to stay true to the heart and soul of Suzanne Collins' powerful stories," producer Nina Jacobson said in a statement just over the transom at Movieline HQ. "From my first conversation with Francis, I knew he would make a great partner for both me and Suzanne. His passion for Catching Fire and inspired ideas for a faithful adaptation make him the perfect director for this movie. I know this will be a wonderful collaboration and I cannot wait to get started.”

Added Lawrence: "It is truly an honor and a privilege to bring Catching Fire, the second chapter of Suzanne’s beloved trilogy, to the big screen. I fell in love with the characters, the themes and the world she created and this chapter opens all of these elements up in such a thrilling, emotional and surprising way. I can’t wait to dive right into it and bring this chapter to life along with the truly superb cast and filmmakers involved."

Mazel tov! And get to work: Catching Fire opens November 22, 2013.

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  • The Cantankerist says:

    What, not Cuaron, Inarritu OR Cronenberg?

  • Laten Jordan says:

    Hi I'm 10 year old Laten Jordan and will be 11 in August.I want to audition for Brutus,Beetee,Woof,and Chaff.I read the whole series and saw The Hunger Games 5 times.I play The Hunger Games in the backyard of my apartments with 5 other people.-----------------------------The weapon I use is sticks for throwing knifes.I can throw 6 feet far.I act and fight like a career.Acting has always been a dream of mine and I will never lose hope.