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PHOTO: 'Twilight''s Real Life Jacob Wolf Loving On A Human

via @PhilTippett

The Twilight series' concept of imprinting? Still a little weird. But interspecies love never looked so sweet as it does in this special effects reference photo of the real-life Jacob Black getting friendly with a human, the perfect shot of furry adorbs to counteract today's gruesome Hobbit pony-killing revelations.
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Talkback: Does PETA Have a Legitimate Beef With The Grey?

Liam Neeson in The Grey

Joe Carnahan probably knew he was in for something of a tussle when his latest film, the survival actioner/mortality meditation The Grey, began drawing criticism from animal activist groups sight unseen even before it debuted (at #1, no less) last weekend. But then PETA posted its own twofold complaint regarding the depiction of wolves in the film and the reported eating of wolf meat on Carnahan’s set, escalating the anti-Grey fight. The question is, does PETA have a legit beef with The Grey?
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