Taylor Lautner On Jacob And Renesmee's 'Breaking Dawn' May-December Relationship: 'I Was Worried About It'

Jacob Renesmee Lautner

You think navigating a press junket after a personal controversy goes public is potentially awkward? Try braving throngs of journalists clamoring for an answer to The Twilight Saga's curious "imprinting" storyline, as Taylor Lautner did today when the franchise-ending Breaking Dawn Part II press tour kicked off.

For the record, both parties in the reportedly reunited Robsten supercouple acquitted themselves ably and congenially in back-to-back press conferences as they discussed their four-year journey with the vampire franchise. [Mild spoilers follow, if you haven't read the books.]

But Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson aren't the only Twilight kids who've matured as the worldwide phenomenon has turned them and their cast mates into global megastars. Twenty-year-old Lautner turned in a charismatic performance for the media horde, even as he broached the subject of his character's eyebrow-raising attachment to a child in Breaking Dawn.

"It’s a fine line, and I was worried about it," Lautner admitted of Jacob Black's supernatural, (platonic — for now) love-at-first-sight connection to Renesmee, the half-human, half-vampire offspring of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. (By comparison, Edward's a century older than Bella, so in the grand scheme of things it's not that bad....)

Played by 9-year-old Mackenzie Foy, Renesmee grows from infant to school-age girl in a superhuman span of time — and, in keeping with the story arc of the novels, Jacob is compelled by his Quileute legacy to instantly "imprint," or attach, himself to her side in a manner that eventually will take on romantic undertones.

Lautner said he  went to the source for advice about his concerns: Stephenie Meyer. "There was nobody better to ask about it than her," he explained. "And she basically told me, ‘Stop overcomplicating it. Think here and now, that’s all you really have to focus on.’"

"It’s simple — she said it’s a lifelong bond between two people and that’s it," he continued. "At this point the girl’s like, what, 10 years old? So it’s more of a protective thing, like a brother-sister [relationship]. That’s really all it is. I couldn't allow myself to think ahead and go beyond that, so that’s kind of the zone I had to stay in."

The weirdness of the Jacob-Renesmee bond is not lost on Jacob in the film, who encounters a furious Bella when she awakens from human death to find her best friend has imprinted on her newborn baby. But Lautner's Jacob finds himself in a more than few awkward situations in Breaking Dawn. Another scene found Lautner stripping down in front of Billy Burke's Charlie in one of the surprisingly comical moments sprinkled throughout the film.

"It actually was pretty funny in person," Lautner laughed. "I love Billy Burke to death and he’s one of the coolest people alive, so it was a little uncomfortable for me — it’s always uncomfortable when I have to take my shirt off or something because I’m always the only one doing it!"

Filming on location in the cold made the abs-baring scene even more awkward for Lautner. "Everybody’s bundled up in like seven layers and I’m the only one in jean shorts," he remembered. "I think the pants came off in that one too. But it was a funny, funny scene. I was so nervous to film it because it was written so hilariously and I wanted it to come across that way and I hope it does, but it was a blast to shoot."

Stay tuned for more on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. II, which hits theaters November 16.

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  • Isn't this less a "May-December" relationship than a "May-February" relationship.


  • DENEB says:

    Stephenie Meyer made Jacob Black the kindest, most honorable, and best of all her characters because she knew this imprinting of Renesmee was coming up. When he loved Bella he said," I've
    got time. I'm not going anywhere. I won't let you down. I'll never hurt you. You can count on me." All
    pretty much what is involved in the imprinting process. Jacob is no longer strictly speaking human as the werewolf side of him is the more dominant. Renesmee is a hybrid child of two races growing at an accelerated rate. At three months in the books she's reading old English poetry, walking and communicating what she thinks by touch telepathy. I think we can depend on Jacob Black's heart to always do what is right. It's how Stephenie Meyer made him. Edward and Bella may have been the fated bride and groom but Jacob has always been always the best man in all ways.

  • JEAN says:

    I agree with DENEB. Jacob Black is the best man. Edward may love Bella with his whole heart. But he knows his love is returned. Jacob never had that and still he stood steadfast by her side.That steadfastness is a surety and a proof against anything creepy. His shocked words when Bella is angry with him for imprinting on her daughter, " She's a baby for God's sake." ring true. And since Edward can hear his thoughts he would have thrown Jacob out if there was anything CREEPY in his thoughts. He'll
    be the best brother, then the best friend and then someday the best husband. Why don't you read the books.

  • Christopher Dark says:

    Stephenie Meyer said don't over think it. One step at a time. Renesmee as a baby and a young girl: be a brother, a friend.,and a protector. Nothing creepy in that. As an adult she can make her own choices.
    Nothing creepy in that. Unless you have an unsavory mind that is. If she chooses him because of the imprinting thing; well it's still her choice, isn't it?

  • Lucy says:

    Good discussion. How come it took four days to get interesting? I love Twilight. I really like the Jacob Black character. He is the most heroic and selfless of all Stephenie Meyers characters. I'll admit while
    reading the books I kept thinking how in the world are they going to show this in a movie? I think that
    Bill Condon did a wonderful job by letting Jacob see past the infant she is to the soul the child carries
    and by letting Jacob's werewolf side see the progression of that soul into the woman she will become.
    I thought it was a beautiful use of just under a minute of film. CREEPY? That's not the impression I came away with. Dude, were you asleep for part of the movie? Maybe you should cut back to One Movie Every Other Day.

  • jessica says:

    I think that jacob and renesmee are really cute together. Theres nothing wrong with them liking eachother because love is love and nothing can get in the way of that 🙂

  • ALouise says:

    It's not creepy at all...and did you guys forget the part about Jacob and Bella's intense need for each other that disappeared the moment she gave birth??? That was the baby (Renesmee) marking Jacob as her own. It sounds like a double imprinting to me.

  • Kylie says:

    Fantastic Article, it is fantastic to finally find some worthwhile information on the internet, I am honestly pleased to discover a blog that is not full of the ubiquitous dross, many thanks.

  • kavi says:

    Jake- the best man in the entire twilight series