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WATCH: Judd Nelson Sends Up The Breakfast Club in Bad Kids Go To Hell

Bad Kids Go To Hell - Judd Nelson

School principal Judd Nelson sees his bratty charges as he wants to see them... in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. Because they're all cliches in the Breakfast Club genre-spoof Bad Kids Go to Hell, an indie film adaptation of Matthew Spradlin's comic book/graphic novel. Watch the trailer for the horror comedy, which debuts at Comic-Con, after the jump, and decide if this kind of fast-talking self-awareness still seems fresh in a post-Detention world.
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Josh Hutcherson Prepares for a Pounding in High School Slasher Detention

Josh Hutcherson in Detention

Joseph Kahn's Detention had me from its first knowingly self-aware trailer, and while word out of SXSW was polarizing -- a love it or hate it kind of deal, by many accounts -- it's one of my more anticipated films of the spring. True, the competition this season isn't too stiff, but still! Watch Josh Hutcherson (of next months The Hunger Games, perhaps you've heard of it?) as a cute hipster kid get ready to take a beating from the school tough guy while an actual killer runs rampant through town and tell me this isn't worth putting on the calendar for April.
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The 10 SXSW Films With the Most to Prove

The great thing about the massive program at the SXSW Film Festival, which starts this week, is that it runs so deep and it takes so many chances, whether on up-and-coming directors, megastars in need of PR miracles (looking at you, Mel), or random collaborations between artists so awesome, the mere idea of them working together blows your mind (four words: Die Antwoord + Harmony Korine). But many of these folks have a lot riding on their SXSW debuts. Movieline names 10 films and filmmakers with something big prove this week in Austin.

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