Josh Hutcherson Prepares for a Pounding in High School Slasher Detention

Joseph Kahn's Detention had me from its first knowingly self-aware trailer, and while word out of SXSW was polarizing -- a love it or hate it kind of deal, by many accounts -- it's one of my more anticipated films of the spring. True, the competition this season isn't too stiff, but still! Watch Josh Hutcherson (of next months The Hunger Games, perhaps you've heard of it?) as a cute hipster kid get ready to take a beating from the school tough guy while an actual killer runs rampant through town and tell me this isn't worth putting on the calendar for April.

Here's the film's full trailer, to give you a sense of what we're in for. Admittedly, the nonstop pop culture references schtick has been almost fully exhausted by now but good, clever high school comedies never get old. Call it Not Another Not Another Teen Movie, if you will/must.

Adding to the intrigue: Detention was shot half a year before Hutcherson was cast as Peeta in The Hunger Games, so the timing of release here is obvious. Will Hunger Games fans flock to the R-rated horror comedy to see a new side of Hutcherson in what may be the edgiest/darkest/ballsiest project since he graduated from family flicks?

Detention will be released in select theaters on April 13.

[via Badass Digest]


  • j'accuse! says:

    From the trailer alone, I'm getting a very Southland Tales vibe from this. You know, that overly mannered quirk that just doesn't quite ring right. Hope I'm wrong, for the film's sake.

  • Nikki says:

    Based on the two videos above, the film stock & cinematography seem average at best, but the cast looks decent. The way it's shot will probably bug me the whole way through, but I'll probably still go see it.

  • MLarbor says:

    I loved this movie.

  • Mark Palermo says:

    Thanks for that nice article on our movie DETENTION. It's much appreciated. I'm the last person who should opine on the screenplay on a message board, but I do feel the cinematography and "film stock" look glorious on the big screen. Am I allowed to say that? 🙂

    Mark your calendars in blood!

  • After this movie was over, I had to go to the back of the theater to pick up my brain as it was blown clear from my body by the sheer awesomeness of this flick.

    I was worried the film references would become too much, and there is definitely a "Southland Tales" vibe, but it's an hour shorter and 50 times more entertaining than that bloated nonsense.

    Highly recommend this flick to any and everyone who enjoys movies.