Twilight Of 'The Host': A Sequel Is Not Likely

The Host 2

Has The Host already entered its twilight as a potential film franchise? Stephenie Meyer has said she envisions her sci-fi follow-up to the blockbuster Twilight novel franchise, as a three-novel story arc, but the probability of those future books translating into a movie trilogy is looking iffy at best.

A spokeswoman for The Host says information regarding the probability of a sequel "is not available at this time," but the film's dismal opening weekend  does not bode well for a follow-up.  The hordes who swarmed the film adaptations of Meyer's Twilight saga apparently did not find a romance about a parasitic alien nearly as compelling because they did not show up at the cineplex last weekend.

The Host's Box Office Sales Were Dismal

According to Box Office Mojo, The Host did $10.6 million its opening weekend, and as of April 2, it has made only $23.5 million worldwide — little more than half of its $40-million production budget. International box office results, which have become increasingly important, also lagged behind domestic. (In comparison, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which is getting a sequel, has grossed almost $140 million worldwide at the box office as of April 2.)

But that's not the only factor that makes a sequel unlikely. At the Los Angeles premiere of The Host on March 19, Meyer told that she was still working on the second novel.  (The movie's director Andrew Niccol, who expressed interested in helming a sequel even cracked, “Show me the book, Stephenie....You shouldn’t be here. You should be home writing.”

The Follow-Up Novel Isn't Finished

The longer Meyer takes to finish the book, the greater the likelihood that the already meager interest in the movie version of The Host — and any sequel it might spawn — will dissipate further, while the first film's cast members, who've expressed an interest in doing a sequel, grow older and commit to other films.

In other words, you have a better chance of contracting a tapeworm than seeing a sequel to The Host.

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  • austin says:

    All you haters back off I own thousands of movies and I know what I'm talking about this movie was superb I have a photographic memory so it's hard for me to watch something twice and out of the thousands of movies and television shows I've watched i'd have to put this movie in top 50 so that's that if you've seen more movies than me you have no life

    • gracie says:

      I have no life but u beat my record I love the host which doesn't say much cuz I love Harry potter a twilight but haters can hate but find something else to hate on just cuz u hate yourself doesn't mean u have to hate on movies so back off

  • eva says:

    I read the book when it came out and ive wished it filmed ever sinse and I can only say it was amazing a beautyful movie , I love twilight but I love this just as much -

  • April says:

    The first book was definitely amazing. And any sequels made Myers will be amazing regardless if made into movie form or not.

  • ivy says:

    wow, i hope they do make another movie or at least i hope meyer keeps writing. the host is one of the best books and movies i have ever seen in QUITE a while

  • Iley says:

    Ok so the Host was good and there is nothing more that i want than to see another book like that come out. but everyone is saying that the possibility of seeing another host book come out is like see dinner fly. although i dont want to believe this it does seem to becoming true. I just hope this all works out... and soon!

  • I thought The Host was a really good movie! I think the reason why box office ratings were so low were partly because of the bad rep behind the twilight series and people thought that, coming from the same author, it would be bad too. Also, I don't remember hearing much promotion about the movie. I don't think I'd ever seen a trailer, so bad PR.

  • brandy says:

    I don't understand why everyones being such donkey butts about the host it was a really good movie...stop comparing it to twilight jeez I would LOVE to see a sequel to the host but if not that's ok too it ended so was by far perfect. It is a teen movie u people are too critical just enjoy what life bring...ur awesome stephanie

  • Sam says:

    Even though I did not particularly likes the Twilight saga I still read the book and it was a great book which I have now read ten times over. I love the movie and I am hoping for a sequel to the movie and the book. I love the characters and how they were portrayed by the actors and they probably couldn't do a better movie. Yes to sequels!!!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I have read and seen both the twilight saga and the host and i felt that the host was a far greater book and movie than twilight. Most of the viewers went in with pre-conceived notions because of twilight and would not have bothered to read the book. I say wait for Stephenie Meyer to finish writing the sequals and from the reaction to the books decide whether or not to make a movie. Obviously i would love a sequel made.

  • Steve says:

    Let me start by saying I'm a 35 year old, black male. My movie taste is wide open. I've seen all the twilight movies due to my wife and teenage daughter. During these movies I wanted to cut my wrist and bleed out. When I saw the trailer for the host, it looked interesting. The draw back for me is when they said it was from the writer of twilight saga, my turn up button was flipped at that moment. So I broke down anyway and watched it on iTunes, let me tell you this movie was perfect. It's in no way connected or feels like twilight. It's a giant on its own and deserves a follow up movie.

  • Dayna says:

    They should really make a trilogy out of The Host it would make for great watching and I'm sure that it would be as big a hit as twilight was if not better!!! I can say I certainly like the host better than any of the Twilight movies!!!

  • Emily says:

    I love the movie btw it's even better than twilight 🙂

  • jamie says:

    That was by far one of the most interesting movies I ever saw . I Would love to see a sequel to that no connections what so ever to twilight im like so really in love almost wishing the movie was real it was awesome . Im really not into movies in this genre but I judt have to say I fell in love 🙂 #bestmovie

  • Kailianne says:

    I absolutely love and adore the twilight series and I never thought any other film or book could live up to twilights greatness but stephenie has managed to surprise me once again!! ????☺️????

  • Adrie says:

    I really think that there should be a host 2 part one was just an amazing book and movie!!!! Stephanie Meyer should continue on writing the host 2 and should make a movie to go along with it and she should also keep all the characters from the host part 1!!!!!!!! So everyone should quite hating and let her be all her twilight books were also amazing so the host is going to be even more amazing because she just can't make the host and not make a part 2,3,or 4. So I say continue on making the host and make sure to keep all the characters from part one!!! P.s. I lovedddddddd part 1 and also loveeeee Max Iron????❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Dragonwarrior214 says:

    Loved this thing there as to be a sequel

    I have read many books for my age, many,ore than ALOT of people and I have started books but never finished them out of boredom. Is kept me up 9:30 to 3:00. I go to school at 6:45.

  • gracie says:

    And there better be a second or so mite lose it cuz they ended that like there is a second which they end a lot of shows like that and it drives me insane I hate when they end a show like theres going to be in next one and they never make the next one they say there's this problem with this problem and it drives me nuts

  • NeRa says:

    seriously I have no words to describe how Much I love the host.. It really changed me. I'm living in it
    I want to be the world like that & I've a great, great idea..a working one.. So ask me if there's anyone think like me.

  • Sara says:

    I love the Host plllllzzzzz make a second one.

  • danton says:

    the host is agitative.
    reviewing the host emotionally makes a narrator out of the mute. That's what I saw.
    visually, the host was awesome!
    the fun was watching the blue car look like animal bones in the desert, and while the end happened so quickly, the white van in the desert just became a Range Rover in like Kanssas City or something. the Utah license plate look with crystals n jewels too was cinematic allegorism at its best.
    the Lone Ranger was better though.

  • Denden says:

    loved the movie absolutely loved it! and do not listen to the haters, there is no words to describe how amazing the host is! right now im dieing in wait for the 2nd book and movie. so haters go find something else to hate.

  • Ariel says:

    The Host book was GREAT, I wish with all my heart a sequel. About the movie, it was very well done, but is not close to the experience that you get from the book. So I will not feel so bad if there is not movie sequel.
    PD: I hate the twilight saga 🙂

  • Shaylee says:

    Although I have not read the books only watched the movie I would still enjoy a second book if a second were to come out I would most likely read the first and second book because I have to say the movie was just so amazing I could never even get over how good it was and it would make my years to have a second movie too

  • ELIOTT says:

    Hope this clarifies things!

  • Logan says:

    Okay I REALLLLLLLYYYY HOPE THAT SHE MAKES A SECOND MOVIE AND BOOK!!!! I got this book from the library at my school and went home and started to read it and I got hooked on it! I am a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games and some people told me that this was a good book and that if I liked The Hunger Games that I would like this AND I REALLY DID!!! COME ON STEPHENIE MEYER LOCK YOURSELF UP IN A ROOM AND START WRITING UNTIL THIS IS FINISHED!!! IM NEED THIS SECOND BOOK!!!!! >:(