Listen To Anne Hathaway Sing 'I Dreamed A Dream,' Pinpoint Exactly When She Earns That 'Les Mis' Oscar

Les Miserables Trailer

We can all agree that Anne Hathaway's brief but gloriously tragic turn in Tom Hooper's Les Miserables earned her the enviable position as Best Supporting Actress front runner. Now you can listen to her movie-topping number "I Dreamed A Dream" online and pinpoint the exact moment when that Oscar statuette officially writes "Anne Hathaway's syphilitic whore" on its nameplate, because all you other Supporting Actress hopefuls can just give up and go home already*.

I will preface this by saying that Hathaway's one-take, sung-through rendition of Fantine's rock bottom lament plays better in the film when you can see the Acting with a capital A she's doing, because singing while weeping hysterically is harder than it sounds. (We've all been there, right? Right?! Guys??)

Microphone drop at 3:40, y'all.

And if you're not entirely impressed based on this listen alone, remember that one time when this happened and appreciate the magic that Hathaway is sprinkling all over us by comparison.

*Of course there's a chance that Hathaway will not win the Oscar, in which case I will eat Russell Crowe's fancy hat.

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