'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' First Look: Dane DeHaan Is Your New Harry Osborn

Dane DeHaan Harry Osborn

Fanboy movie news is out of control today. If this were the 1930s we'd need a massive montage of spinning newspaper headlines. First, talk of Darkseid in Justice League, then the (extremely uninspired) poster from Star Trek Into Darkness, and new art from Man of Steel. Not to be outdone, Marc Webb, readying The Amazing Spider-Man 2, has thwipped a tweet our way with the first glimpse of our new Harry Osborne – Dane DeHaan.

Dane DeHaan, whose ten letter name makes economic a mere three consonants and two vowels, was said to be in the running for Spidey's new foe against other young men like Alden Ehrenreich (a good actor, but too many letters), Brady Corbet, Eddie Redmayne, Boyd Holbrook, Douglas Booth and Sam Claflin. DeHaan, if you recall, was the main character in the surprisingly effective found-footage superhero (or was it supervillain?) film Chronicle.

Harry Osborn, the son of OsCorp's Norman Osborn, was played by James Franco in the original Sam Raimi trilogy. DeHaan certainly has that weight-of-the-world sulk down pat, which is a key part of Webb's Spider-Man aesthetic. The gals who flock to see skinny high school aged white boys will have their needs met, despite DeHaan actually being nearly 27. (That's okay, Andrew Garfield will be over 30 when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out, which leads me to think that I should probably be rubbing some of that sticky, milky Spidey substance all over my pores.)

In the first Amazing Spider-Man 2 look Tweeted today by Webb, DeHaan has a bit of a scrappy look (don'tcha just want to tussle his hair?) but there's something ominous in his eyes... as if off in the distance he sees an epic climax involving well known New York City landmarks and an inordinate amount of computer generated imagery.

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  • James Freud says:

    Mmm, sticky milky substance.

  • Sarah says:

    Dane DeHann was my top choice for playing Harry, so I am ecstatic that he was chosen. I was worried that he would be beaten out, when it seemed the character would go in a different direction. But after a coworker at DISH convinced me to watch “Chronicle” there was no doubt that he was the best candidate. After hearing this news, I am definitely going to be watching the movie again. With how busy I am, I love that I can get the movie delivered in the mail using Blockbuster @Home from DISH. I also like that if I am feeling impatient; I have the option of exchanging it in the store. It’s amazing how similar Dane’s character in “Chronicle” is to the character of Harry. Seeing his incredible performance, makes me even more confident that he will make the sequel even better than it already was.