'Midnight Meat Train'-Spotting: The Best Movie In-Jokes

Best Movie In Jokes

Best Movie In Jokes“Couldn’t Be....”
But it is Errol Flynn as Robin Hood, who thanks to a nifty piece of editing, welcomes Bugs Bunny to Sherwood Forest in the cartoon Rabbit Hood. Unbilled star cameos are another playful form of movie in-joke. When they weren’t on the road together, Bing Crosby often popped up in Bob Hope’s solo films to get the last laugh. In The Princess and the Pirate,  he appears just before the end to steal away Hope’s love interest, Virginia Mayo.

In What’s New Pussycat?, Peter O’Toole is greeted in a bar by passerby Richard Burton, who asks, “Don’t you know me from someplace? They had just completed filming Beckett. And Robert Patrick would don his old Terminator 2 T-1000 garb to menace Mike Meyers in Wayne's World. He also can be seen exiting police headquarters — just after Sharon Stone, reprising her Basic Instinct murderess — in The Last Action Hero. To paraphrase Danny Glover, who makes a surprise appearance in Maverick as a masked bank robber opposite his Lethal Weapon costar Mel Gibson, this shit never gets old.

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