Happy 70th Birthday Week, Martin Scorsese! Celebrate With His Finest Scenes

Martin Scorsese Best Scenes

7. The opening scene of Hugo (2011)  — This is the Copacabana Steady-cam shot evolved for the CG generation. Scorsese presents the world of his film in breathtaking fashion.

8. And one to grow on:  An unhinged Sandra Bernhard terrorizes Jerry Lewis in The King of Comedy (1983)  — Bernhard has always specialized in comedy that makes her audience uncomfortable, and she's at her claustrophobic best in this scene.

Did I leave something out that you consider more essential?  Let me know in the comments section.

Buon Compleano, Marty.

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  • spiek78 says:

    Happy belated birthday to Mr. Scorsese and happy birthday to Jodie foster!

  • Shaz says:

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