Happy 70th Birthday Week, Martin Scorsese! Celebrate With His Finest Scenes

Martin Scorsese Best Scenes

3. The "I'm a mook! What's a mook?"  pool-hall brawl scene in Mean Streets (1973)  —  A laugh-out-loud funny scene that, I'm convinced, resulted in the word "mook" becoming seriously overused in the 1990s and 2000s.   

4. The hit-me-in-the-face-scene  in Raging Bull (1980) — One of many reasons why Raging Bull should have won Best Picture at the 1981 Oscars. (Ordinary People took the honors.)  De Niro and Pesci's performances are like this throughout the whole movie. 

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  • spiek78 says:

    Happy belated birthday to Mr. Scorsese and happy birthday to Jodie foster!

  • Shaz says:

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