WATCH: Will Ferrell Will Punch Himself In The Face (And More!) If You Vote

Will Ferrell vote video

After last week's bizarre President Camacho "Funny or Die" press conference, in which white people were severely maligned, the website has redeemed itself with a get-out-the-vote video from one of its founders, Will Ferrell.  I had to watch the video twice, because the first time, I was terribly distracted by the push-broom mustache Ferrell is wearing in the clip, which makes the number Gary Oldman wore in The Dark Knight Rises look inconspicuous by comparison.

The Anchorman 2 star, whose impersonation of George W. Bush on Saturday Night Live is sorely missed,  gets right down to business in the video explaining that he'll do anything to get you to vote.  Ferrell offers to make you a dinner of angel-hair pasta, help you move a couch,  eat human toe nails, punch himself in the face or give you a tattoo, though, he warns, "I do not know how to draw." The actor also shows off some of his dance moves for those who'd be interested in seeing him let his freak flag fly, or just do the Robot.  "That was just a taste," he promises after getting down with his bad self. "If you want the full buffet, you're going to have to vote."  I vote that Ferrell gives us a sequel to this video when the polls open tomorrow.

Oh yes, and though Ferrell keeps the political talk non-partisan for most of the video, he does reveal that he's an Obama man at clip's end.

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