President Camacho Says Politics Is A 'Pimp-Ho Game'

President Camacho press conference

In what was the shortest press op of my media career,  Terry Crews portrayed Idiocracy President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in a Funny or Die conference call that, like most political media events, was about nothing. That seems to have something to do the absence of Idiocracy filmmaker Mike Judge, who was also supposed to be present at the press conference, but did not make it.  After declaring that he was the "motherfuckin' president of the motherfuckin' United States" and had "shit to do,"  Crews/Camacho explained that he had traveled to the present after ripping a hole in the space-time continuum during a cage match with the "Grand Poobah of Europe." In other words, "some Einstein shit.

Crews/Camacho explained that "I see a whole lot of stuff that I don't like." Among the things that bothered him:

All of the political candidates, he declared, "is bullshit."  According to "Camacho's world, politics is a pimp-ho game" and "Voters ain't nothing but ho's."  In other words, "If you tell people what they really need to hear, they ain't gonna vote for you. You got to smooth talk these voters."

Crews/Camacho also noted that he had come to the present to "save white people" because "white flight had reached new levels" in the future. "White people, it's okay to come back out," he said.

The press conference, which was supposed to last a half hour, was over after three questions, the cleverest one asked by a participant who asked Camacho to reveal who wins Tuesday's presidential election (given that Camacho is from the future).

"I understand your Jedi Mind Tricks, motherfucker," replied the pretend president, who refused to answer the question on the grounds that it could affect the future, and "I might not get elected."

A Funny or Die spokesman said he was looking into Judge's absence and would get back to us.

Camacho also posted a number of videos on Funny or Die in which he urged more violence on TV, and took part in a live Q&A via the website's Twitter feed.

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