'Skyfall': The Fashion Review

James Bond Daniel Craig Skyfall

That cufflink-speeding train move? Just the tip of the bespoke iceberg when it comes to deconstructing Daniel Craig's Bond through his fashionista sensibilities. But what do Skyfall's style choices tell us about 007's frame of mind?

From the sharp-eyed folks at Clothes on Film, dapper deconstruction of Skyfall:

"For the man himself a modern cut of single breasted, two and three button Britishness. In context these costumes feel real. Silva’s (Javier Bardem) long leather coat might be a villain’s indulgence, but Bond looks immaculate and attainable; far from Savile Row though instilled with the swagger of 1960s cool. Even if Craig – here at his broadest – is in danger of bursting from the fabric on occasions, the vents always hang straight and providing he remembers to breathe in, the top button closes comfortably."

And: The stubble (and island casual outfit) say it all...

"Costume tells Bond’s tale just as much as the stubble that appears then disappears from his chin. Pre-credits he wears a grey sharkskin suit (actually ill-advised for Craig’s pale complexion), then hits the bottle in baggy leather flight jacket and untucked island shirt. For Bond this is as bad as Superman losing his cape – he is almost unrecognisable. Back in London, an unseen trip to Selfridges then stop off at Crockett & Jones and everything is okay again."

Read the full review here.

[Clothes on Film via Movie City News]