WATCH: David Fincher's Kickstarter Campaign For 'The Goon' Has A Trailer Just For You!

David Fincher 'Goon' Kickstarter page

David Fincher can't help but direct. The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo helmsman does what he does best and bosses around a couple of guys from Blur Studio in this Kickstarter campaign video for an animated adaptation of Eric Powell's very cool comic-book series The Goon.  Fincher, who's teamed up with Powell, Goon publisher Dark Horse Entertainment  and Blur directors, Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler,  joins those last two men in the clip to attempt to raise $400,000 so that they can produce a finished first reel of the film.  And he's not about to leave the driving to them.

After Miller and Fowler begin their appeal, Fincher bigfoots the two guys and decides that a series of niche spots are the way to go. He then proceeds to sell Powell's world of  zombies, vampires, fish-men and giant squid to Little Orphan Annie fans, liberals ("Put a caring man back in the White House"), conservatives ("Put the right man in the White House") and arch conservatives ("Put a white man back in the White House") as well as fans of hip hop, R-rated movies and movie trailers.

Okay, so the humor is pretty lame, but the footage included in the Kickstarter clip (via  is beautifully bad-ass and features voice work by Clancy Brown as the Goon and Paul Giamatti as Franky's swashbuckling pupil-less friend Franky. (Now do you get the Little Orphan Annie reference? )  The airborne car scene with Franky spraying machine-gun fire from the hood of a sweet convertible muscle car is dreamy. []

There's also this "proof of concept" video. Good stuff.

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