The Social Network's First Full-Length Trailer is So F***ing Special

Wowzer. No matter how high your expectation-level was for the full-length trailer to David Fincher's The Social Network, you probably didn't anticipate something like this. Prepare to have the choral version of Radiohead's "Creep" stuck in your head for the foreseeable future.

As with the previous teasers, The Social Network begins with a compilation of Facebook friendly images -- status updates, emoticons, pictures -- all while the mournful Scala & Kolacny Brothers cover of "Creep" revs up underneath. In fact, it's not until one minute in that The Social Network finally offers a glimpse of Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook impresario Mark Zuckerberg, draped in cold aloofness and an oversized hoodie.

What follows afterward is basically the second teaser, but with images to go with the words -- so get ready for your first peeks at Justin Timberlake, Rashida Jones and newly minted Spider-Man Andrew Garfield (chug that bottle of Jack Daniels, Andrew!). It all looks positively epic and Fincher-ian -- the muted browns recall Fight Club and Benjamin Button -- and while the Radiohead cover might be a bit too on the nose, it certainly has my heart racing with excitement. Is it October 1 yet?


[via Yahoo! Movies]


  • NP says:

    Brilliant. Can't wait.

  • Buntyman says:

    Absolutely outstanding trailer. Looks like Fincher has indulged himself on his favorite murky-brown sheen on this one. Looks terrific.

  • CiscoMan says:

    I basically read movie and tech news all day. I find it amusing that movie geeks are totally amped up for this, and the tech geeks are too close to it and hate the previous trailers. Maybe this one'll change their mind (what with the actual moving images and whatnot). Good stuff.

  • Marc says:

    A great trailer!!! Especially the music. Does anyone knows, who is performing the song? I never heard this version before.

  • Mau says:

    The music is by Scala & Kolacny Brothers from Belgium.

  • Satria says:

    Timberlake is still appearing in movies. Facebook still has no unlike button. I'm still disgruntled.

  • Laura says:

    For a better laugh, check out DAVID IPPOLITO's hilarious new song FACEBOOK IS A STUPID IDIOT on YouTube
    It's just FUN! (And so true!)

  • John says:

    I hope it's as dark as I'm expecting...Fincher contracted Trent Reznor to produce the soundtrack which doesn't necessarily mean the Nine Inch Nails mastermind will compose it. I'm sure there will be plenty of atmospheric background coming from T. Rez, but I'm curious to see what other artists/songs he outs together for this. Reznor also produced the OST for Natural Born Killers and Lost Highway..among others...

  • AJ says:

    Ever since the trailer started running in theaters, I've been haunted by the version of "Creep". It's somber yet beautiful, and an excellent, wry comment on the urge that some who live on Facebook must have for connection. I checked out the website for Scala & Kolacny Brothers, and now I'm a fan. What they're doing fills me with joy, but makes me cry, all at the same time. David Fincher was brilliant in underscoring his trailer with this version of the song. I hope the movie sustains this tone.

  • Rosana Tsau says:

    Yahoo really committed a huge mistake in repeatedly snubbing Microsoft. they probably created another one by missing out on the Groupon deal. I hope they've some sort of a secret solid plan because i'd hate for it to come back down to one monster controlling the net universe.

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